41 thoughts on “Musing

  1. Patti, I love these!!! Especially the seagull giving thanks – perfect! (That is a seagull, right? You know I’m having trouble identifying birds this week!) 😉 Is that on a roof? How’d you get that shot??


    1. Thanks, Dianna. It is a gull, there are several with a black head, but I couldn’t get a good idea of size or wing pattern to identify. I flew up there. 😉 I knew you wouldn’t believe that…we were standing at water’s edge at the dock in Elizabeth City. Across the “No Wake Zone” where boaters enter and exit from land, there is an old boat shed. I was able to zoom in for the shot.


    1. Thanks, Patti. I told him to sit and stay. Ok, just kidding. I don’t think there’s any getting a duck to do what you want. I happened to look out the window at the right time and there he was!


    1. Thank you, SIG. Hmmmm, I’d better take that lightning rod thing into consideration! lol
      Another note to self: Shoot storm photos from a lower level of the parking garage!


  2. Nice pictures! I like your note to self comment on the first pic – I hate it when I think I’ve got a great picture then notice something like that when it’s enlarged on the computer! Still looks great, though.

    The erosion one caught my eye because there is erosion from the water, but there is also an empty can and trash erodes the earth in a different way.


    1. I thought about moving the can, Janna, but decided to shoot the way I found it. I hesitated to use the first photo, but it was the best one of the clouds. Ah well, now you know I’m not perfect! lol


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