Iris; Diet Update

In all the years my mom had a bed of irises, I never once noticed how that gorgeous blossom came to be. 

Last year, my niece was thinning hers, and gave me some rhizomes. We planted them, and I would check on the foliage from time to time to see if everything appeared to be going well. 

One day, I noticed slight bulges in some of the leaves, and the next time a looked, those bulges had become bud-like structures. It reminded me of a butterfly in its cocoon, crumpled inside a pocket, waiting for the right moment to be set free. 

Thanks for sharing your bounty with me, Diane. 🙂

South Beach Diet update: Had an appointment with my doctor today for trigger point injections, and found out I’ve lost four pounds so far! 

39 thoughts on “Iris; Diet Update

  1. Gorgeous! Yours are a deeper hue of purple than mine. My iris bed is my favorite flower bed in my yard…and the least amount of work! Yay on the diet!


  2. Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like it’s going well. My mom always had irises too. They’re gorgeous flowers, and mine are blooming now as well. Funny thing is: I have a pinkish-brown one, that I don’t remember planting!!! Surprise!


    1. Thanks, Dianna. A pinkish-brown one? That sounds pretty. I hope you’ll share a picture of it. I’ve found a few new things sprouting up. It’s always interesting to see what got planted for me.


  3. Congrats on the poundage loss Patti! I love Iris, they represent great memories for me along with Peonies which are probably my favorite flower. Peonies #1, Iris a close second 🙂 Neither blooming here right now though!


      1. Well I strayed a bit yesterday with a cheeseburger from Red Robin that I did split with CH and I took off half the bun 🙂 And I had 5 oz of Catawba. Other than that I have been good and I have a walk planned today. I am not looking to shed any pounds but I was down a pound today. I tend to bounce off and on about 3 to 5 pounds.


  4. Irises always remind me of my grandmother…she had the most beautiful flower beds lining the driveway all the way down the hill…and she had lots of irises and peonies…yours are every bit as lovely as hers were.

    And a huge congrats on the 4 pound loss!!!!


    1. Thanks, Kitty. I’m glad the jump start works, makes it easier to stick to with it. I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever lose any weight. I kept a food and exercise journal for over a year, was getting fit, but the weight was content to stay.


  5. Glad to share Aunt Patti and hope you enjoy them. I always enjoyed them and agree with your friends, Irises and peonies are spectacular although peonies are hard to grow in our area. Love you and congrats on the 4 lbs. I have about 30 to lose and maybe you could give me some pointers sometime.


  6. Very pretty. Iris are my mom’s favorite. I got some when our church expanded and the ones on either side of the back door had to be dug up. They are burgundy and gold. I’ve also got purple ones like yours. I love them.

    Good job on the diet. So glad it’s working for you.


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