32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Two Subjects

  1. This is a really nice shot with the light illuminating the azaleas, and all in focus! (that is hard for me) Love those native bees in the garden! Some people are intimidated by them, but they won’t sting unless you try to grab them. However, they are very curious and will investigate you, perhaps a little too closely, which is very frightening for some! ~ Lynda


    1. I can’t take credit, my camera does all the work, Lynda. The bumble bees are used to me deadheading the butterfly bush around them (or I’ve gotten used to them). I just try to keep a good distance. The one on the azalea was totally absorbed in its work, didn’t seem to notice me.


  2. So what is he doing down there? Pollinating…sucking azalea honey? Being just a busy bee? Amazing photo. Thank you for stopping by my site last night…I was a bit excited by the timing of your comment. Did I even make sense?


    1. I don’t know, the bee wouldn’t answer, just mumbled (mumble bee-maybe)? I saw Judith’s post shortly after commenting. It was good to see Andy arrived safely. You made perfect sense!


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