Oops! I Led You Astray

I’m sorry to have misled you yesterday regarding being hungry. Maybe blog posts need to be written before midnight…

Breakfast: Egg whites, green onion, green bell pepper, red banana pepper, cheddar cheese and turkey bacon

I commented that I expected to be hungry, and most of you expected me to be hungry, too; it seems to be the nature of diets and one reason we tend to shun them. 

But I am not hungry! It is hard for me to ingest the 1200 calories my body needs for daily nutrition because what I’m eating makes me feel full. I encourage anyone who wants to lose some weight to give this diet a fair shot. Give up the sugar (the hardest for me, because I love sweet tea–and make mine a large)! Start easing away from bread, snacks with no nutritive value, and starchy foods like potatoes, corn, carrots, get tempting foods out of the house. I did that for about ten days before officially starting the South Beach Diet–I found other options to make tea I would want to drink, looked at restaurant nutrition charts to make wise choices there–so I wouldn’t feel “deprived” and cave in to unhealthy choices.

I’ve also learned that I’m not used to cooking for myself. I normally grab a banana or a Zone bar and call it breakfast. Now I know that a banana needs to be offset with protein to reduce the glycemic reaction, the effect that foods have on blood sugar and those dreaded hunger pangs. 

The scale brought a smile to my face this morning–rather than the usual groan-when it said I was two pounds lighter. 😀



32 thoughts on “Oops! I Led You Astray

  1. Yay! Two pounds is a good start! That’s just the encouragement you need to keep on track. (Just so you know, I’ll be jealous when you post your ‘AFTER’ pic of you in a bikini :lol:)

    I couldn’t agree more with cutting out sugar (really hard for me, too. LOVE sweets…but I have a strong family history of diabetes so I do try to cut back. The shocking thing is how much sugar is in things I don’t consider sweets – like BBQ sauce, salad dressings and even cornbread mix. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t even be eating cornbread, but lets deal with that another day, okay?


  2. What an excellent breakfast and what a healthy diet! I once lost weight steadily by giving up sugar. I gave up nothing else and the pounds dropped off. Sugar is detrimental to health. It’s sad but true. I’ve been back on sugar too long. I need to ban it from my diet again. Starchy carbs turn to sugar quickly. Everything our bodies don’t use for energy will turn to sugar eventually and be stored.


  3. Bravo! I’ll take two pounds down any day. And your breakfast looks divine. I am guilty of your specified sins – bananas, grapes, bars, shakes, crackers – anything easy to grab and go.


    1. That’s right, Renee, anything that gets the scale moving in the right direction for a change. That bacon is 25 calories per slice, I see a BLT wrapped in the lettuce in my future. 🙂


  4. Your photo makes my tummy growl. What a delicious breakfast. Yum!
    Thanks for sharing such helpful advice. I wish you continued success in your dieting journey! 🙂


  5. I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well on it. I think you preparing ahead to wean yourself off the various no-no foods was a big help too. That’s a great tip if I decide to try it.


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