A Mallard’s New Brood

It was a lovely evening recently, perfect for a walk. I turned the corner at the traffic light, the one where the pigeons, starlings and a few house sparrows hang out. Often in winter, the smaller birds are seen tucked into the little cavities created by the visors that shield the red, yellow and green circles of light. 

Just ahead on the right, I was surprised to see so much water in the retention basin where the rainfall drains from the nearby parking lot. Apparently, we got more precipitation than I realized. 

As I got closer, I got an even bigger surprise! 


A pair of mallards had taken their little ones out for a swim. The female and young were at one end, the male closer to the opposite end of the basin. Four of the ducklings were sailing toward the male in a neat little row, but the other two were motoring along like little power boats, swimming circles around their siblings. I watched them for a few minutes, then continued walking another half mile where I found the Canada geese having an outing at the lake.  

Patiently posed

I got a couple peeks at the setting sun on my adventure, and then it was time to head for home. 

Good night, sun.