Garden Walk, Signs of Spring

I filled the birdbath for the umpteenth time. Those birdies do love their water! Thought I’d share some photos of the garden springing to life.

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Day lily, Butterfly Bush (I got it cut back this year!) hopefully it won’t break like last year. Bee balm, Vinca, Catmint, Iris, and Lorapetlum in her full glory. Enjoy!

30 thoughts on “Garden Walk, Signs of Spring

  1. I like your garden pictures. New growth in the Spring has a sense of hope. We have to replace two plants in our front yard that the rabbits ate down to twigs. Happens every year πŸ™‚


  2. Don’t you just love spring?? I also cut back our butterfly bush this year – it had gotten HUGE! Can’t wait for my irises to bloom – they remind me of my mom.
    Happy Spring!


    1. Thanks, Georgette. It is a busy yard, and pretty soon I’m going to need to spend some time clearing some of the leaves, transplanting, and adding more host plants to the butterfly garden.


  3. Your garden is lovely, Patti. I could see the slideshow on my phone. I should log onto my computer more often, but at least I get to visit on my phone. It’s so easy when I sit down for a break. I always find good words and photos on your blog posts of your beautiful sanctuary for birds, creatures, plants, and all that nature has to offer. Even photos of Canada geese from your purposeful journey to bring us a surprise! Blessings to you…


    1. Thanks, Carol Ann, I enjoy sharing what I deem “my blessings” and the beauty of our Creator. Thank you for letting me know it is appreciated. Blessings to you.


    1. Ah, the Lorapetalum. I just like saying that! She’s got a few bare-looking spots here and there. Maybe that’s where the December blooms were. I need to provide a wind break of some sort. The north side takes a beating. The purple flowers are Vinca, and I’ve heard it called periwinkle. That is some tough stuff! Its a ground cover, and I had some in a container for the runners to cascade over the side. I didn’t keep it pruned last year, and I can see several popping up in the bed of snow-on-the-mountain. I’ll have to get them out and move them to another area that I want to fill in.


    1. You’re welcome, Nancy, thanks for stopping by to peek. Our parsley is still here, too. And I think one of the fennel plants the caterpillars didn’t finish off is coming back.


  4. Aw..your pictures are so pretty and it makes me want to get out and garden. My gardening area is nothing like yours and hopefully the next place we live I will have a little bit better lot for gardening again. Today is super windy so I think I might be blown away if I went out to work outside!!!


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