Betty Crocker Cookbook

Yesterday, my friend Dianna wrote a post titled, “Why I Bought A Cookbook.”
Her post inspired me to write about one of my cookbooks.

I love new cookbooks, and old ones, they look so nice on my new bookshelves. Well, maybe not so nice when they look like this:

The Betty Crocker Cookbook was a wedding gift from my sister-in-law. She turned out to be a fabulous cook. (I guess she thought there was hope for me.) It was the thirteenth printing, dated 1972. 

I used this cookbook to learn everything from making toast to boiling water and beyond! Some of the pages are splattered and stained, especially the ones with our favorite recipes. 

One day I discovered an acrylic cookbook holder. It promised to keep my pages clean and hold the cookbook vertically, making it easier to read. I ignored my seventh grade English teacher’s instruction on how to prepare and protect a book’s binding so the pages remain intact. She never mentioned placing a book in a book holder; but come to think of it, acrylic probably hadn’t been invented. I don’t think she’d be pleased with the outcome. I wonder what she would think of altered books. On second thought, maybe not. I might end up in the principal’s office! 

I planned to replace this cookbook a few years later with an updated version that featured a spiral binding. It was totally different. Times had changed, many aprons were tossed aside as women sought employment outside the home. The recipes in the “new” cookbook used prepared and convenience foods so the family could have a meal that came together in a matter of minutes. I tried a few recipes and donated it to charity.

Do you have a favorite cookbook? Do you use it?

One more question, a couple regular blog readers said they haven’t been able to leave a comment recently. Some are coming through. Has anyone else had any comment-related problems? Thanks!

44 thoughts on “Betty Crocker Cookbook

  1. I love cookbooks and collect them like seashells. Of course I have my favourites. One being “the Moosewood Cookbook” It is also an early addition. I have never been disappointed by anything I’ve made from it. When I was in the middle east, I fell in love with the food. When I returned I bought a cookbook , “Classic Vegetarian Cooking from the Middle East & North Africa” by Habeeb Salloum which I use at least once a week. I own a number of Companies Comming cookbooks by Jean Pare which are stained, dogeared and well loved.

    • I’ve not heard of any of those Darlene. Thanks for sharing. I like a cookbook with recipes that are edible. Some just don’t have what I’m looking for.

  2. Your cookbook looks well-loved. The best recipes are the ones that show wear-and-tear! I have a few cookbooks, but I rarely use them. Before kids, I used to try a new recipe every weekend…some good, others requiring PB&J sandwiches as backup. Now, I’m very sporadic on trying new things. No time!

    I haven’t had any issues leaving comments (as long as I’m logged into WordPress.)

    • It is well-loved. I’m forever saving recipes online, clipping them from publications. When we needed to pay more attention to what we eat, I bought some new cookbooks. Now I just need to use them!

      I’ve had problems with Blogger accts, and now readers who don’t have WP accts are having trouble commenting on WP blogs. Hopefully we can all play well together.

  3. i have a few really old cookbooks that I read regularly – don’t cook things out of them often. I have blogged about a couple of them, Mrs Beaton and The Anti Bull Cookbook.
    And yes for a couple of weeks I had a problem with comments – I couldn’t post comments on anyone’s blog; mine were all ending up in the spam folders. I contacted WordPress and Akismet and it was resolved.

    • I remember you mentioning comment problems. Hopefully we can get them resolved. I like cookbooks that have interesting information. I have ones from France, Germany and Italy that tell all about the different regions. I may never make any of the recipes, but they are wonderful to read.

  4. Your cookbook has lines, spots and wrinkles which means it has lived a useful life, has character … just like us as we age.

    Glad to report no problems with comments. Blessings – Maxi

  5. I’m always looking for an inspiring cookbook, often bring them back from trips, and then fall back on the same ones time and again. I particularly enjoy the ones put out by churches and organizations that feature members’ favorite recipes. Aren’t they fun?

    • Yes, those are some of the best. My neighbor gave me one for Christmas one year. There were multiple recipes for each dish in some cases. If one wasn’t to our taste, there were many more variations to try. And the desserts…don’t think there is a bad dessert…

  6. I love cookbooks. The old ones crack me up sometimes, but that”s were you find some real treasures!
    Apparently the problem with commenting is when you are a nonWordpress blogger and you’re commenting on a wordpress blog. WordPress now makes you sign in. It won’t accept some of my regular commenters sign in with legitimate emails so they’ve had to make up emails to get accepted! How crazy is that? I was hoping it was a temporary glitch.

    • I wondered if that was the problem, Susan. Not everyone is with WP. I have trouble with some of the Blogspot ones. Hopefully it will all be back to normal soon.

  7. I have a pretty good sized collection of cookbooks…I particularly like the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks…line drawings, craft, gardening and decorating tips included…oh yeah, and great recipes…one of those cookbooks (the first one) has a few pages that are food splattered…none torn out tho, books are spiral bound…

    • Spiral bound is perfect for a cookbook, Patti. Not too long ago, I read to put a sheet of plastic wrap over the cookbook page to protect it. I don’t know why I couldn’t think of something so simple. Guess I’m in denial about making a mess on it! LOL I think I’ve seen those in the bookstores. There are SO MANY cookbooks out there.

  8. Patti that cookbook is loved! It is just a little, um disheveled in a loved and used kind of way! Fun post🙂 I have had no problems commenting here, on Blogger blogs yes but not here. We shall see when I hit Post Comment. I do have a favorite cookbook. Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book dated 1968. My Mom gave it to me when I was in highschool after she went back to work. I think she thought I was going to need it😀 It has my before CH name in it on a piece of white sticky tape you use for bandages and it has the Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe I have been making since 1973 with a few tweaks! Enjoy your Tuesday Patti! You come up with some sweet fun posts!

    • It is loved, Pix. I have a Good Housekeeping one that looks similar. I’ve never had the Better Homes and Garden ones, but I have seen a lot of them. My Tuesday was great! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy what you find here.

  9. i have an old, stained, torn, tattered betty crocker cookbook that i keep – haven’t opened it in over 25 yrs, but i won’t part with it…

  10. I also have an old, stained, tattered Betty Crocker. I picked it up used and it’s full of old standbys from the 50’s, like 25 different sweet and savory jello rings. Fab!

      • Well, I don’t actually COOK all that often, but it’s fun to look at them. I have several Jello and other cookbook/pamphlets from the 1920s and 30s because the pictures are so pretty!

  11. OMG!! I had that exact same cookbook!! I was unhappy because it wasn’t the “old” one I was used to!! When a friend’s mom passed away, I received her Betty Crocker – it had all the old recipes I loved!! I even found my grandma’s Milk Chocolate Cake recipe! My first cookbook was the Alice’s Restaurant Cookbook, which I still have. I learned so many of the important basics from that little book!

  12. I have two Betty Crocker cookbooks. One belonged to my mother and I still use it. The other is a “newer” version I got 25 years ago when I got married. I also like the Taste of Home magazines and the Tasty Kitchen blog. I think. I always get there via

  13. The best cookbooks are the ones where the pages are sticky from ingredients and where the pages fall open at favourite recipes. I love reading them even when I’m not planning on cooking….I think I might have to go to Foodaholics Anonymous!!

  14. I love your recipe pages…I’m not sure they’re books anymore (smiling). The Joy of Cooking helps me when someone give us something exotic like venison to Alaskan salmon…What do you do? My mainstays are our daughter’s camp cookbook or the church cookbook that tells me to mix a can of this with a can of that.
    What’s for dinner tonight?

    • There’s still a little bit of book left, Georgette.🙂 I’ve never gotten anything exotic. I guess if someone gave me something, they’d have tell me how to fix it. Since tonight was writers group, I made a fried egg-white sandwich with ketchup when I got home. Hubby had already stopped by a fast-food place and got his dinner. Do you still have your little house guest from Lenore Diane?

  15. I love your old cookbook. What’s the title to it?
    I have several favorite cookbooks. So I can’t specify just one.
    In my opinion the older cookbooks are far better because they’re written to teach us how to cook and some of the ones today are written like a tech manual where they expect you to know how to do certain steps already. Know what I mean?😉

    I’m having problems with posting on some of the blogs. 😦

    • Thanks, E.C. It says, “Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.” I like the instructional ones, too, they’ve come in very handy over the years.

      So many people are having blog comment issues, it’s like an update that needs tweaking. Hopefully it will return to normal soon.

      • Magsx left a very informative link in her comment on my post. The link is to a help thread in the support forum.
        The issues are caused from an update that apparently forces folks to have a membership at WordPress and log-in before they can comment or ‘like’.
        I’m worried about this new feature. 😦

  16. My mother gave me the Betty Crocker cookbook when I got married. It’s probably one edition earlier than yours. It was in a three-ring binder format, which made it very easy to turn pages. I still have it and the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook from the same era.

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  18. I have an old Better Homes & Garden that my Mom gave me around the same time you got yours – and it looks about the same too! The new ones are not as good.

    My favorites though are the Cooking Light Annual Cookbooks, from 2003 to 2010. These days most everything we make comes from one of them.

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