Shady Character

This past Thursday I had my weekly lunch date with hubby. It was such a pretty day, I thought I’d drive around the area to see what I could find interesting to photograph and share with you. 

Sitting at a stop light, a bright blue bird flew into the trees that lay straight ahead. Sadly, the road went left and right, not straight ahead. There was a retention pond between the road and the shopping center on the other side so I drove around and pulled into a parking lot, hoping to find that pretty blue bird. I’m pretty sure it was a belted kingfisher, but couldn’t find it to confirm. I did look up and see an owl, then realized I was in Hooters’ parking lot. 

I got back in the car and drove along the road behind the mall, until I spied something moving in a stand of pine trees. Apparently, I had also been spied, and deemed suspicious. As they approached the vehicle, I rolled down the window, expecting to be asked for my driver’s license and registration.

It’s probably a good thing I stayed in the car, as they more than likely would have searched me for food. 

Deciding none was forthcoming, they quickly lost interest and went on their merry way. The big fellow didn’t take his eye off me for a minute, though. He must have thought I was a shady character.