Spring is in the Air–or is that Just Pollen?

Thanks for the love, kind comments and birthday wishes you lavished on my friend, Dayna, yesterday. You are the best! 

Hubby called Monday afternoon, asking if I wanted to go for a walk if he got home in time. You betcha! It was still daylight when he got here, so I grabbed the camera and off we went. 

I noted several different and interesting cloud patterns; and kept an eye on the sun when I could catch a glimpse of it peeking over or between houses and/or trees. As we headed east, I wondered if I was going to get any sunset photos this time. 

As we neared the corner to turn south, the songs (if you can call it that–more of a creaky-hinge sound) of many grackles and mixed flock of blackbirds filled the air. Looking left, the sky was Carolina blue (for all the UNC fans) and the trees were filled with birds.

Blackbird Cacophony

To the right, the sun was setting low in the sky. 

Sunset symphony

The Bradford pear trees are in bloom, and my sinuses confirm that spring is definitely in the air. Please pass the Puffs. 🙂