Here’s an update on the injured young man, the musician, Jimmy Rankin and his signed guitar that many of you made possible by voting on Facebook.

Laura Best

Back in January I blogged about a guitar contest that I was involved with on Facebook.    To RECAP: When local singer/songwriter Jimmy Rankin announced that he was going to give away a signed guitar for the holidays my niece thought it would a cool thing to try and win for her brother who had recently suffered a broken back from a car accident he’d been in. Since he loves to play guitar, she figured it might help lift his spirits during recovery if we were able to win it.

While the contest ended up being a race right to the very end (we managed a whopping 1600+ votes) we still came up about 20 votes short. Believe it wasn’t from lack of trying. Everyone was amazing, sharing the link to the voting and asking their facebook friends to help. It only goes to show what great guy Jimmy Rankin…

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