Marching On

March certainly roared in like a lion in some areas, didn’t it? A record number of tornadoes, and dozens of deaths were reported. I read a news item that said a tornado with 175 mph/281km winds was on the ground wreaking devastation for 52 miles/83 km. So hard to imagine. We’ve gotten a lot of rain this weekend. I checked Weatherbug, and it mentioned the “S” word (snow) possibility for our Monday morning. says no accumulation, it will turn to rain later in the day. 

No matter the weather, life goes on. A niece on my side of the family accepted a proposal of marriage Saturday, and a nephew on hubby’s side welcomed a daughter Sunday. 

We worked on a small project on the home front. Ten-or-so years ago, I refinished an old buffet that had been in my parent’s house from as far back as I can remember. Since it came to live with us, it has been OVERloaded with kitchen accessories for lack of a better place to store them. The wood that held the door hinges deteriorated over the years of use, the holes enlarged by the screws. I think Dad even tried nailing in the hinges. In other words, we never put the doors on. Then there was the issue of sticking drawers. They were planed, but the wood continues to swell and stick. To me, it became an eyesore, taking up valuable real estate.

Last week, before the strained back, I purchased some shelving to replace the buffet. Saturday, I emptied the buffet of its contents and hubby carted it out to the garage; then he began to put the shelves together. Sunday after church, he finished that job, and then it was my turn again.

I arranged the removed articles (and then some) on the shelves, freeing up counter space in the process. Now I would like to find some baskets or containers to accessorize the shelves and to hold small items, and this job will be complete.

I also managed to find a new home for my laptop…on my DESK. Isn’t that a novel idea? Well, it’s Monday, let’s make the most of it!