The February Weekend that Wasn’t

A friend and I have an annual appointment the last Saturday of February, when the Mancuso Quilt Show comes to our area. This year, neither of us was in top physical form to attend the festivities. Bummer! 

Do you know what this means? I was unable to buy fabric and craft supplies to look at for the next year. I guess I’ll have to pull out the fabric from last year and look at it a bit longer. Or, I could actually DO something with it. Now there’s a novel idea! 

Here’s a post from 2011 that included a picture of my favorite quilt, in case you didn’t see it last year. This is one of the fabrics I bought, but haven’t had the heart to cut into. Here is another. 

Since I decided to “FOCUS” in 2012, maybe I’ll focus on these, and surprise you with something one of these days. And just maybe, we’ll BOTH be surprised! 🙂

I could post a picture of my bedroom ceiling that’s been getting a lot (too much) of my focus lately. But instead, I’ll share a couple of photos I got of the sun boring a hole in a pesky cloud that was trying to block the light. Have a great day, and may the sun shine on your pathway. 




26 thoughts on “The February Weekend that Wasn’t

  1. Well flitter. I’m sorry you missed this event. I hope you get to feeling well and back to being perky real soon. 🙂
    I can’t imagine the hours it took to make that bird quilt. It’s stunning.


  2. Hope you’re better soon! I know what you mean about fabric: I do rubber stamping (make my greeting cards), and I’m that way with paper. Although I DO use it, I have enough to last several lifetimes!


  3. Both fabrics are gorgeous Patti, I love the birds. The Bird in Paradise quilt, ohmygosh~beautiful. Sorry you didn’t get to go! And I know you are tired of looking at your bedroom ceiling. At least you have your phone to learn 🙂 AND you can read blogs 😀 Bad back go away!


  4. I so missed our outing this year! I really should pull out the stuff I bought last year and work on them…I found my bag of goodies the other day. How bad is it that I bought two of those watercolor quilt kits because they looked pretty and easy and I’m too lazy to attempt them! And of course, I haven’t been quilting because of my back…we’ll see how that is at the end of the day being in the hospital surgery waiting room chair!


  5. Oh, I love the butterfly fabric!!! How disappointing you could not make your yearly trip !!! I am sure that was a huge let down but hopefully you will be up and around and feeling better soon ! I am not a quilter though my mom is and I love seeing the quilts that people make. It amazes me!!!


    1. I play around with pictorial quilts, but not to the standard of the ones we see at the shows. They are huge (most of them) and so detailed. It’s inspiring to see them, though.


  6. you made me laugh several times! God bless you!

    i loved the quilt, really liked the butterfly fabric. but then you blew them out of the water with the bird panels. WOW! i love those!!!

    good luck admiring stuff from last year’s haul!


    1. Yes, Theresa, I’ll have to get it out and it’ll be new all over again. I bought some materials to try needle felting, and punch needle. The yarn I wanted to use for the punch needle was too heavy, so I hadn’t been back to try it again. I thought I’d work on some of that this winter, but we really haven’t had winter this year. Since I have you laughing, I’ll tell you my backspace button fell off–guess I make too many typos. 🙂


  7. I’ve seen that sort of sun here, lately. I am sorry you are still less than 100%, Patti.
    The bird quilt is beautiful, and I like the butterfly material, too. My friend’s mother died, and she remembers her Mom through butterflies. Special.
    “Focus” on feeling better. 🙂


  8. Sorry you had to miss the quilt show but the fabric you bought last year is fabulous. I am sure you will produce something amazing with it. I don’t quilt but I have a couple of freinds who do and I am always in awe of their work.


  9. Patti, I went on your behalf.There was some good workmanship, but nothing as beautiful (in my opinion) as the Bird in Paradise quilt from last year. That was my first quilt show, and I attended it because of the write-up you did last year. Perhaps Mancuso should pay you a little commission (so, 10% of $12 is $1.20. Don’t spend it all in one place!) -Jen
    P.S. Hope you’re up and about soon!


  10. You certainly enjoy that camera. Sorry you missed the show. Those sort of things are some of what I miss about life in America. And the library, Barnes & Noble, Christian radio and craft stores…..little else. Of course, family and grand kids are at the top of the list, though time away makes it quite clear that someday we will miss things from here too when we move back. Isn’t life interesting? In heaven all those longings will be satisfied with the real joy of reunion and homecoming. Blessings on your day, sister.


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