The February Weekend that Wasn’t

A friend and I have an annual appointment the last Saturday of February, when the Mancuso Quilt Show comes to our area. This year, neither of us was in top physical form to attend the festivities. Bummer! 

Do you know what this means? I was unable to buy fabric and craft supplies to look at for the next year. I guess I’ll have to pull out the fabric from last year and look at it a bit longer. Or, I could actually DO something with it. Now there’s a novel idea! 

Here’s a post from 2011 that included a picture of my favorite quilt, in case you didn’t see it last year. This is one of the fabrics I bought, but haven’t had the heart to cut into. Here is another. 

Since I decided to “FOCUS” in 2012, maybe I’ll focus on these, and surprise you with something one of these days. And just maybe, we’ll BOTH be surprised! 🙂

I could post a picture of my bedroom ceiling that’s been getting a lot (too much) of my focus lately. But instead, I’ll share a couple of photos I got of the sun boring a hole in a pesky cloud that was trying to block the light. Have a great day, and may the sun shine on your pathway.