Fine Feathered Friends

I haven’t been out and about the last few days, but I did manage to get some pictures of backyard visitors. They sure can brighten a day. Enjoy!

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31 thoughts on “Fine Feathered Friends

  1. Oooo Patti, CH can’t wait till the Thrashers show up here. He just thinks those birds are something! You are lucky to have them, I like them too. We have NEVER had one that close to the house. Hope your back starts to behave soon, not fun.


  2. Love the pictures of your feathered friends!!! Still waiting on all of mine to come back to see me but they are coming bit by bit….just not as many as there used to be. Hope your back gets better soon!!!!


  3. Thanks for identifying the Carolina wren. I see them here all the time but haven’t looked up the name in my book yet. Nice pictures. I take many of mine from the comfort of my kitchen table.


    • That’s nice, Christine, if I was able to sit, I probably wouldn’t get back up and do anything. My table is too far from the window. I love those perky little wrens with their twittering tails.


  4. They sure do! My birds have come back to my feeder slowly but surely, but the woodpeckers are completely ignoring the suet cakes I provided. Oh well, perhaps they are more shy than the others?
    ~ Lynda


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