Mount Trashmore Park

As one leaves the Appalachian mountains in western Virginia, crosses the Piedmont heading for the coast, one does not expect to find yet another mountain on the coastal plain.

The end of January, I beckoned you to come and sit on a park bench overlooking a beautiful lake, and am finally getting around to sharing the history of that location with you.  

The city website describes Mount Trashmore as a world-renowned park for its environmental factor. True to its name, it was created by compacting solid waste and clean soil. If you click the previous link, you can see an aerial view of the park. It lies adjacent to I-264, the expressway to the oceanfront. This link shows the skateboard center, and gives the history of the park that opened in 1978. 

Most anyone who lived in Virginia Beach in 1992 remembers the April Fool’s joke by a local radio station’s DJs. It was announced on-air that Mount Trashmore was on the verge of exploding from methane gas buildup. Callers lit up the 911 switchboards, parents kept children home from school, and people fled the vicinity. The April Fool link takes you to an article that describes that day and the repercussions affecting the DJs and the station. Who says nothing happens at the beach during the off-season?