Wordless Wednesday


The February Weekend that Wasn’t

A friend and I have an annual appointment the last Saturday of February, when the Mancuso Quilt Show comes to our area. This year, neither of us was in top physical form to attend the festivities. Bummer! 

Do you know what this means? I was unable to buy fabric and craft supplies to look at for the next year. I guess I’ll have to pull out the fabric from last year and look at it a bit longer. Or, I could actually DO something with it. Now there’s a novel idea! 

Here’s a post from 2011 that included a picture of my favorite quilt, in case you didn’t see it last year. This is one of the fabrics I bought, but haven’t had the heart to cut into. Here is another. 

Since I decided to “FOCUS” in 2012, maybe I’ll focus on these, and surprise you with something one of these days. And just maybe, we’ll BOTH be surprised! 🙂

I could post a picture of my bedroom ceiling that’s been getting a lot (too much) of my focus lately. But instead, I’ll share a couple of photos I got of the sun boring a hole in a pesky cloud that was trying to block the light. Have a great day, and may the sun shine on your pathway. 




Fat, er, Flat Tuesday

I arose early this morning with big plans for the day and promptly set about laundry, tidying up–and just as quickly pulled a muscle in my lower back–unloading that new dishwasher, nonetheless! One would think I’d have learned that lesson by now, heat and stretches come first. 

The day was spent standing or stretching out with ice and/or heat. When I was up, I washed the pots and pans that awaited in the sink, read email/blogs at the kitchen counter, and kept an eye on the birds. A hawk stopped by, but left with empty talons. It was too quick for me to photograph. 

The hardest part of the day was missing writers group tonight.

Here’s another slideshow so you can see some different visitors, most of these only show up at the feeders in winter:

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First Steps

Image Courtesy of Vintage Workshop

The blonde hair in this image reminds me of my youngest granddaughter, lovingly nicknamed Baby Z. I teased my daughter that this must be the last one, she’s exhausted the alphabet. She’ll probably prove me wrong and start using Roman Numerals or Greek to name her children. 

I recently got a “smart” phone…you know, smarter than me, right? And it was the smartest thing I ever did, because today I received my first video: Baby Z walking a few steps across the kitchen, from one sister to another while Mama captured it. 

I shared the video on my Facebook page, you can find me under “Patti Suzi’sMom Jarrett” if you’d like to see it.

Counting Birds

I’ve counted birds a couple times this weekend, and plan to again Monday morning. Friday I counted over 60 birds in a 25-minute period, 15 different kinds. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get more pictures. A friend said she’d like to see some of them, so I’m posting a few today. Please pardon the photo quality, my kitchen window needs a good cleaning, but not in this weather! Enjoy!

If you click to enlarge this picture (above the slideshow) you'll see one peanut already stuffed in. A smart bird knows that pesky squirrel will be along soon.

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