Come Sit by Me…

Come sit by me on the bench, and soak in the beauty of the sunset that surrounds us. Ahhhh.

Sunset at Mt. Trashmore (will share more about this soon)

Now, tell me what works best for you in relation to commenting on blogs. (Sorry, I should have warned you that I had an ulterior motive when I lured you here). 

When you comment on other blogs, do you subscribe to comments? Or do you respond via email? How do you prefer to follow-up on comments you’ve left? When I respond on my blog to comments you’ve left there, are you notified? 

I tried subscribing to comments via email early on, and was quickly inundated by them. I switched to “Comments I’ve Made” on my dashboard, but that only gives the last nine. I have a feeling I’m missing some. 

I receive an email notification (if that option was offered) when you publish a post, and click through to your blog. I looked at the new feature for reading at, but not all the posts were there that showed up in my email. I would appreciate anything you would like to share in this regard that works (or doesn’t) for you. 

34 thoughts on “Come Sit by Me…

  1. Usually subscribe and check 2 boxes below keeps you hooked up or you may not care to receive comments of others notification. If you subscribe lot of blogs though that can fill you inbox quickly. I can run through quick read and delete rapidly however. Many people have not been receiving notifications. 3 possibilities. Problem at wordpress or most likely have spammed a notification by mistake instead of delete after reading. If you spam just one wordpress blog notification it spams everything from wordpress. The you must unspam everyone. Resubscribe does not seem to unspam.


  2. I do not subscribe to comments…too much e-mail for me. I try to comment via wordpress, that way “comments I’ve made” seems to work and update me on exactly that. If I comment through an e-mail notification, however, I have found out those don’t make “comments I’ve made.” I probably need a better method, because I know I have missed some things….sigh…


  3. i’ve never subscribed to comments. read WAY too many blogs to survive that. i have my email published with my wordpress and google accounts so if i leave a comment somewhere with a question, the blog author can email me with a return reply (at least i hope it works in wordpress, too!)


  4. Because of the huge flow of emails, I never use the ‘subscribe to comments’
    I do use ‘Read Blogs I follow’ and the “Comments I’ve Made”, but also I re-visit the blogs to read or see if the blogger has responded and if I need to further comment. One of the reasons that I love my ‘RSS Friendship’ blog is that it shows the date along with the blog posts titles of my blogging buddies blogs and it makes it easy for me to re-visit the posts and also see which are new so I can go and visit them too. 🙂
    I respond to comments in my blog either in one overall comment or individually depending on if I have time and also the subject matter, but not everyone chooses to comment to each of their commenters. Some of my blogging buddies don’t respond to each comment, but they do visit my blog and leave comments occasionally.
    It all boils down to choosing which way works for you. If you worry about it too much then you’ll burn-out and not want to blog at all. And I would miss you. 😦
    So do what you need to do & enjoy blogging the way that’s best for you. 😉
    Thanks, Great subject to discuss because a lot of us wonder about this too. 🙂


  5. If I comment on a blog, I always subscribe to comments. Then, after a day or two (or after the author replies to my comment), I’ll delete the subscription. I really just do it, so I’ll receive any reply the author posts to my comment. I’ve often wondered if any of my readers subscribe to comments on my blog… I guess there’s a way to tell, but I haven’t found it yet!


  6. I do not subscribe to comments via email – as Georgette mentioned, it’s too much for me. (Maybe I need to comment less? Hee, hee) I typically leave comments and return to the blog later to see if there is a response.
    Dianna has a good idea though – subscribe and then unsubscribe. Hmmm…. good question, Patti.


  7. Definitely a good question, Patti. I don’t subscribe to comments because I would get too many in my inbox, but then it makes me return to the blogs I’ve commented on so I can see if there is any follow-up, which is a good thing. I do get an email when someone leaves me a comment, but I just delete it if it is also posted to my blog, and I always comment on everyone’s comment on my blog, not by email. I don’t know what the best way to manage comments is. Lot of options. Can’t wait to hear the low-down on Mount Trashmore. When we first moved here, I unintentionally offended a local when I laughed at its name.


  8. I currently seem to have a mix of subscribing via email and using comments RSS feeds from the blogs too and reading alongside other feeds.


  9. I don’t subscribe to comments because it’s too many emails. I usually just check the post the next time I visit the person’s blog to see if my comment had been responded to.

    I wish the ‘comments I’ve made’ section was set up differently to track more of my comments, not just the most recent comments on blogs I’ve commented on.

    Good luck finding out what works best for you on managing all of this!


  10. I subscribe to comments, but if too many get made, I will unsubscribe from them. It doesn’t happen – most of the blogs I leave comments on only get 5 to 10 comments. It’s not too many to delete after I read. But every now and then, a post will have tons of comments. That’s when I unsubscribe.


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    1. Ha! You sound pretty smart to me, well, except for that COKE comment on another post! lol I was a PEPSI girl when I drank soda, but am unequally yoked with a Coke guy. I don’t know how that got by me…love is truly blind, I guess.


  12. I subscribe to certain blogs by email, but not to all comments. As you said, too many emails that way. If I post a comment on an article I really like, I flag it in my email and leave it in my inbox. Then I go back in a day or two to see if the author responded to my comment. If and when they do, then I will either file that email (if it is one I really would like to read again) or delete the email notice.

    For my blog, I respond to comments on the blog – not through email. I didn’t even know you could do that until I got a response to one of my comments through my email. Not sure how that works, though.


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