Six-word Friday + River of Stones, Jan.13

The prompt for this week’s Six Word Friday is Lost and Found. These words are found in one of my all-time favorite hymns.
By John Newton–lyrics found here: 

This is my six-word adaptation:

Words from the song, “Amazing Grace.”
Jesus saved a wretch like me.
I was lost; now I’m found,
Was blind, but now I see.
Grace brought me safe thus far,
And Grace will lead me home.

For today’s small stone, the thing I am mindfully pondering is Grace. Not a tangible thing to be seen with the eye, but its evidence on a countenance may be discerned. It may go unnoticed altogether, overlooked. But when experienced, praise surely will burst forth.


25 thoughts on “Six-word Friday + River of Stones, Jan.13

  1. Oh my, you hit a nerve with me. I always sung ‘Amazing Grace’ to my baby son – he loved it 🙂 Stunning page, by the way.


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