River of Stones, Jan.9

The weekend hurried by, didn’t it?
The dishwasher made it into the house, just not quite where it needs to be yet. Hubby crawled under the house multiple times, and made two trips to the hardware store to facilitate the plumbing modification.  

While he worked on that, I sat in my recliner multi-tasking (with the remote control–so I could mute the commercials and visit blogs) and watched the Broncos/Steelers football play-off game. I must say I was happy with the outcome. 🙂 …of the game, that is.

I had the weekend’s dishes stacked up, ready to try out the new appliance; but I ended up washing them by hand. The positive side to that is: calories burned! 

Here’s my mindfully written small stone, and then, I’m off to bed.

Darkness lurks outside my window tonight. The overcast sky hides the moon, leaving illumination to the streetlight.