Come Sit by Me…

Come sit by me on the bench, and soak in the beauty of the sunset that surrounds us. Ahhhh.

Sunset at Mt. Trashmore (will share more about this soon)

Now, tell me what works best for you in relation to commenting on blogs. (Sorry, I should have warned you that I had an ulterior motive when I lured you here). 

When you comment on other blogs, do you subscribe to comments? Or do you respond via email? How do you prefer to follow-up on comments you’ve left? When I respond on my blog to comments you’ve left there, are you notified? 

I tried subscribing to comments via email early on, and was quickly inundated by them. I switched to “Comments I’ve Made” on my dashboard, but that only gives the last nine. I have a feeling I’m missing some. 

I receive an email notification (if that option was offered) when you publish a post, and click through to your blog. I looked at the new feature for reading at, but not all the posts were there that showed up in my email. I would appreciate anything you would like to share in this regard that works (or doesn’t) for you. 

Cloudy Memories and O. Henry

We were on the receiving end of much rainfall this past week. Friday, the darkness of the clouds was overcome by light. I snapped a few to share with you. 

Dark clouds to the east...
Starting to break up...
To the west, the end is in sight, nothing but blue skies to come. Also, the last leaf, hanging on.

Studying the last photo, my eye was drawn to “the last leaf,” which reminded me of a short story by William Sydney Porter,  better known by his pen name O. Henry. If you are not familiar with this story, it can be found at the highlighted links. 

When my daughter was in middle school, often she would read her assignments aloud to me. One afternoon as I prepared dinner, she read, “The Last Leaf.” 

As she neared the end of the story, I burst into tears! How does one get so wrapped up with emotion in a short story? O. Henry certainly had a way with words, wit, and was known for his surprise endings.  I hope you’ll check out some of his stories. They are quite entertaining–just what one needs to turn around a cloudy day. To learn more about the author, click here.



I Must Have Been Ready for the Weekend…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I have the absolute BEST friends in the blogosphere! Everyone was so kind and commented on the Six Word Friday I posted on THURSDAY, and nary a one called me a nincompoop! 

While the basement topic is still fresh in mind, I thought I’d share a bit about the one under our house when I was a kid. I don’t know of anyone who had a “finished” basement back then. Six dimly-lit, creepy creaky steps with no risers went down to a landing, which turned left, then three more steps down to the concrete floor. It was dank, dark and damp. (That was overkill, I know, but I was trying to make a point). There were two small windows in this section of the basement that ran front to back on one side of the house. They were actually below the level of the yard, the ground had been dug out and brick or blocks were laid to retain the soil from falling in and covering them. Many a kitten was born in those window wells, as the cats liked the security of the small enclosed space. 

On the opposite wall of that side of the basement, under the stairs, was a large rectangular hole that led to a shallow area with a dirt floor beneath the kitchen, a room my dad added onto the house, along with a half bath. (The previous bathroom was “down the path.”) Not being tall enough to see into the hole, nor having enough light to illuminate it, but being able to see a bit of daylight, I always wondered if an intruder could get inside, or be hiding in there. A single bare light bulb lit that side of the basement, and the switch for it was on a support near the middle of the room.

Further along the wall with the hole was the opening to the other side of the basement where the laundry appliances and  shower were located. That was a cold place to dry off after a shower in the winter! This side had wooden shelving built to hold the canned vegetables from the garden. There was also a door to the outside. The door “lock” amounted to a small, rectangular wooden block that swiveled on a nail. If it was turned to overlap the edge of the closed door, it was locked. It didn’t seem very secure to me! 

After showering, I would turn off the single light bulb in that room, turn off the light in the middle of the next room, then run like the dickens through the dark and up the creepy stairs as fast as I could go lest something grab my ankle as I ascended! I did that for YEARS. Is it any wonder I had nightmares about that place until just a few years ago? 

Since I’ve written a rather long post, I’ll wait until another time to tell you about the rat in the basement that was certainly going to gnaw a hole through floor and eat me while I slept! 


Six Word Friday, Jan.27

And our word for today: Bargain

Have you ever shopped the sale
in the department store Bargain Basement?
Basements are unheard of here, seaside.
But where I come from, everybody
had one. Well, no, almost everyone.
How familiar are you with basements?

Some are creepy, but that’s a
story for another day, another prompt.
Come along with me to the
lowest level, underground, for a deal.
Prices are a steal, good buys!
Shop, then kiss your money goodbye.




Squirrel-y Day

Quick post tonight, I have an early morning appointment. 

I found it interesting the way this squirrel leaves its tail dangling outside the feeder. I had noticed it on the side closest to me earlier, but it moved by the time I got the camera. Hope you enjoy my furry friends!

Yum Yum Yum
I'd better pose, before she posts an embarrassing photo of me on her blog.

Surprise Guest

Every once in awhile, I peek out my window and find an unfamiliar face. Looking for a photo to share with you, I found this raccoon that visited last winter. Housing construction in our area, and more snow than is typical here, are two factors that might explain its arrival. Upon finding a food source, it stayed around a couple of days, and when the snow disappeared, so did the raccoon. 

Don't be fooled by the smile, it was hissing at me.



I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “raining cats and dogs,” haven’t you? 

On a recent evening when shooting a sunset, this large flock (also called a kit or loft) of pigeons began circling the area, looking for a place to spend the night, I suppose. I’m just glad they didn’t find our house! 


Saturday, the rain came, and stayed. Though it rendered the day dark and dreary, a visit to the fabric store added a bolt of color that brightened my day.