Word A Day–Scare

We had a good scare one night when our burglar alarm malfunctioned. The siren is located near our bedroom window. Talk about a rude awakening! It’s hard to fall back to sleep after something like that. 

Changing subjects, I opened Windows Photo Gallery hoping to find the lost pictures had magically appeared, but found this photo taken on a walk in early December. 

I needed something to brighten my day, and this pretty red flower served that purpose well. I’ve not accomplished much, still trying to deal with the disarray of what once was a working kitchen. Change is not something that comes easily for me, I need time to adapt. 

As I awaited the signals from the laundry room when it was time to start a new cycle, I nestled into my recliner, and opened my Inbox which was bursting at the seams like Santa’s bag. I basked in the warmth of your prose and welcoming blog themes. Falling behind on reading them was a blessing of sorts, I got to experience the holiday preparation at a slower pace, and Christmas all over again through your eyes and words.

What did I ever do without you?