Word A Day–Slippery

Once again, Nancy’s Word A Day perfectly coincides with my life. I need to read ahead on her list and see how the rest of this year is going to go…

We had a great Christmas with the grandchildren, lovely weather, and the added benefit of using a free hotel stay Christmas night in historic Gloucester, Virginia. Monday, we spent the entire day roaming the back roads of the rural, coastal community.

The Courthouse Green area is being renovated, and the wind was a bit chilly, so we were content to see what we could from the car, getting out occasionally to take pictures. We will have to go back on a warm day to do a walking tour. I did see a little bookstore there, Twice Told Tales, which carries new and used books. I thought that was a great name for a bookstore; and look forward to spending time there one day soon.  

It was upon our return home that things got slippery, namely, the kitchen floor, which was partially covered with water. Hubby is dismantling the dishwasher this evening to see what went awry. I’ll keep you posted on that. 

I was going to share some of the photos from our trip, but I managed to “forget” to import them.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t delete pictures from the memory card until verifying download 
  • Don’t try to write a blog post with so many distractions

 I hope you’ve had a good holiday, and found only good surprises upon returning home. 🙂