Word A Day–Shoe

Nancy’s word prompt for today, shoe, has certainly taxed my brain. You know that can’t be a good thing. This is the person who managed to lose her address book in the midst of mailing Christmas cards. 

I imprinted “shoe” on my daily planner as a reminder to focus on the thought throughout the day while attending to other tasks on the list. Shoe strode across my mind as I sorted laundry, loaded the washer, transferred it to the dryer, and put it away.

Shoe sneaked around as I baked blueberry muffins. Lots of blueberry muffins, big and small. It paced to and fro across my brain as I measured the ingredients and baked pizzelles.  

Shoe slipped into the chair beside me as I cleared dozens of emails telling me to hurry up and shop at discounted prices and get on-time delivery for the holidays; checked Facebook statuses and added my two cents; read blogs and added another two cents worth of comments.  

When I discovered the foot rest on my recliner had eaten my address book, shoe was still running through my head, but it wasn’t leaving a trail I could follow. I googled, and dictionaried, and thesaurussed the word.

At one point, I felt akin to the old woman who lived in a shoe. I had so many projects, but didn’t know what to do. I googled that nursery rhyme, but realized I was running out of time. So, here I sit at 12:38 (EST), do I bake oatmeal cookies, or do I wait? Sleep would be nice, but sleepy I’m not. There are gifts to wrap, and more to be bought. 

Hmm, I wonder if they need shoes?



23 thoughts on “Word A Day–Shoe

  1. This was funny. I don’t know how you do the prompts…as soon as I think I ‘have’ to write about something, my brain says, “see ya” and I’m left with nothing.

    Good save on the shoe prompt 🙂


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