Awareness: Tropical Storm Damage/Philippines

December along the Atlantic seaboard deems us exempt from tropical storms and hurricanes. While we heave a collective sigh of relief and go about holiday preparations this time of year, these storms wreak their havoc in the Pacific.

No longer are my eyes only on the United States and the goings on that affect me. Since I started this blog and “met” so many people from various countries around the world, I see much more. 

Today I read

Jess is a young woman who lives in the Philippines, and part of her nation was devastated this past weekend by storm flooding. Many have died, many are missing, those who remain struggle to find the necessities of life. Wanting to help, she posted the above blog and provided information for those of us who might be able to provide some assistance, whether materially or via the power of prayer. 

Linking to Nancy’s blog, exempt was a timely word!