Six Word Friday–Focus

Image by Dover

Lacking direction and divided we go
Backward or forward, or status quo?
We look near and far, but
Need to focus on the star.
To be revealed in His time
The bright morning star that shines.

Giving light to you and me
So that we may clearly see
The narrow path before us lies,
Touch our hearts, make us wise.
Lead us in the way of life
Casting aside the care and strife.

Hindered not by our worldly gain
That eventually brings heartache and pain.
Hear your heart, not your brain
Only love, joy and peace remain.
Focus not on fortune or fame
Only on sharing His Holy Name. Ā 



35 thoughts on “Six Word Friday–Focus

  1. “Hear your heart not your brain.”
    Just finished an Advent calendar for Daughter #1 and grandson into the wee hours of the morning. I know, I know a bit late…but it will get there in time to put up the star.


    1. Thank you. I was looking for a star in my photos and images, this one was the first I found. I wasn’t paying attention when I cropped it for the widget on Melissa’s blog, but it worked out ok. Thank you for visiting.


  2. The spiritual Christmas Star is ever present if we stay connected with the Holy Spirit. It guides us in practicing the faith in our daily lives. Unfortunately, the people of America for the greater extent have this Star but our government and businesses do not. I cannot demand the secular world uses the Star, but I do demand they follow a secular moral compass of some sort.


    1. Thanks! Actually, it went together quickly this week, Janna. Maybe I’m getting used to speaking/writing in six-word segments? Oh, and six lines of six words, too! lol Most of it was written in the parking lot while waiting to meet my hubby for lunch. Good thing I keep a notebook handy in the car nowadays. šŸ˜‰


  3. Patti, I have only one thing to add to all the loveliness above… sign your work! If you write it then put your name on it. It really is lovely! šŸ™‚
    ~ Lynda


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