Word A Day–Vouch

This will be my last post of 2011, and the last Word A Day for me. Nancy is ready to try something new for 2012, so the last day of the last month of 2011 will be the last prompt. Now, down to business:

I would like to get your input. Do you have a dishwasher brand you would vouch for? I was out shopping today, and there are so many brands available, I would appreciate your experience with the appliance that takes doing dishes off your hands. 

Are there features you love, or wish you’d gotten?
What color? Stainless steel is the current trend, but my other appliances are black. It is situated near the stove, which will probably be the next appliance to be replaced.

Thanks for your help!  

Word A Day–Scare

We had a good scare one night when our burglar alarm malfunctioned. The siren is located near our bedroom window. Talk about a rude awakening! It’s hard to fall back to sleep after something like that. 

Changing subjects, I opened Windows Photo Gallery hoping to find the lost pictures had magically appeared, but found this photo taken on a walk in early December. 

I needed something to brighten my day, and this pretty red flower served that purpose well. I’ve not accomplished much, still trying to deal with the disarray of what once was a working kitchen. Change is not something that comes easily for me, I need time to adapt. 

As I awaited the signals from the laundry room when it was time to start a new cycle, I nestled into my recliner, and opened my Inbox which was bursting at the seams like Santa’s bag. I basked in the warmth of your prose and welcoming blog themes. Falling behind on reading them was a blessing of sorts, I got to experience the holiday preparation at a slower pace, and Christmas all over again through your eyes and words.

What did I ever do without you?  


Word A Day–Slippery

Once again, Nancy’s Word A Day perfectly coincides with my life. I need to read ahead on her list and see how the rest of this year is going to go…

We had a great Christmas with the grandchildren, lovely weather, and the added benefit of using a free hotel stay Christmas night in historic Gloucester, Virginia. Monday, we spent the entire day roaming the back roads of the rural, coastal community.

The Courthouse Green area is being renovated, and the wind was a bit chilly, so we were content to see what we could from the car, getting out occasionally to take pictures. We will have to go back on a warm day to do a walking tour. I did see a little bookstore there, Twice Told Tales, which carries new and used books. I thought that was a great name for a bookstore; and look forward to spending time there one day soon.  

It was upon our return home that things got slippery, namely, the kitchen floor, which was partially covered with water. Hubby is dismantling the dishwasher this evening to see what went awry. I’ll keep you posted on that. 

I was going to share some of the photos from our trip, but I managed to “forget” to import them.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t delete pictures from the memory card until verifying download 
  • Don’t try to write a blog post with so many distractions

 I hope you’ve had a good holiday, and found only good surprises upon returning home. 🙂

Word A Day–Blind

You might have noticed that today’s post is a little bit late…

I could tell you my dog ate my blog post, but those of you who know me won’t fall for that lame excuse since the dog died nineteen years ago. 

Instead of writing yesterday, I was busily decorating my studio for Christmas, because if I didn’t do it then, well, there’s not much point in doing it when we return home next week, right?

And now, I’m blinded by the light.


We did some last-minute shopping after work, came home and wrapped gifts, then collapsed. Had I not ordered decaf at Starbucks, I could have accomplished much more, like a blog post, painting the house, etc. 

But, I’ll be spending time with six grandchildren soon, and decided sleep would be the better option.

I will see you back here Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest. In the meantime, love on those who cross your path, and make some wonderful memories. 

Word A Day–Shoe

Nancy’s word prompt for today, shoe, has certainly taxed my brain. You know that can’t be a good thing. This is the person who managed to lose her address book in the midst of mailing Christmas cards. 

I imprinted “shoe” on my daily planner as a reminder to focus on the thought throughout the day while attending to other tasks on the list. Shoe strode across my mind as I sorted laundry, loaded the washer, transferred it to the dryer, and put it away.

Shoe sneaked around as I baked blueberry muffins. Lots of blueberry muffins, big and small. It paced to and fro across my brain as I measured the ingredients and baked pizzelles.  

Shoe slipped into the chair beside me as I cleared dozens of emails telling me to hurry up and shop at discounted prices and get on-time delivery for the holidays; checked Facebook statuses and added my two cents; read blogs and added another two cents worth of comments.  

When I discovered the foot rest on my recliner had eaten my address book, shoe was still running through my head, but it wasn’t leaving a trail I could follow. I googled, and dictionaried, and thesaurussed the word.

At one point, I felt akin to the old woman who lived in a shoe. I had so many projects, but didn’t know what to do. I googled that nursery rhyme, but realized I was running out of time. So, here I sit at 12:38 (EST), do I bake oatmeal cookies, or do I wait? Sleep would be nice, but sleepy I’m not. There are gifts to wrap, and more to be bought. 

Hmm, I wonder if they need shoes?



Awareness: Tropical Storm Damage/Philippines

December along the Atlantic seaboard deems us exempt from tropical storms and hurricanes. While we heave a collective sigh of relief and go about holiday preparations this time of year, these storms wreak their havoc in the Pacific.

No longer are my eyes only on the United States and the goings on that affect me. Since I started this blog and “met” so many people from various countries around the world, I see much more. 

Today I read http://jessfuentes.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/please-help-the-victims-of-tropical-storm-sendong/

Jess is a young woman who lives in the Philippines, and part of her nation was devastated this past weekend by storm flooding. Many have died, many are missing, those who remain struggle to find the necessities of life. Wanting to help, she posted the above blog and provided information for those of us who might be able to provide some assistance, whether materially or via the power of prayer. 

Linking to Nancy’s blog, exempt was a timely word!