A Word A Day–Dose

I don’t know how she does it, but Nancy and her A Word A Day page, seem to have my number.  Today’s word is “Dose.” As a noun, it describes an amount of medication. Dosing is the verb, meaning I have been dosing myself with a dose of Robitussin to keep a cough under control. This is not to be confused with dozing, which is what I found myself doing a lot of this past weekend. 

Good Stuff!


And it was a beautiful weekend here, not that I would have known, but I did notice the Weatherbug on my task bar said it got into the 70s today. I did manage to get dressed and go to the drug store before it closed–without a coat!

I tried to keep from breathing on this page, so go wash your hands and you should be safe from any germs that might have escaped. If it’s too late, I’ll be happy to share a dose of my Robitussin with you. 

I hope your Monday is exceptional (in a good way). 



24 thoughts on “A Word A Day–Dose

  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon…it’s no fun to be sick. I stopped at Kroger before work this morning (I love it that early in the morning, almost the only people there are the workers) to buy some DayQuil, Puffs and cough drops…sounds like we’re in the same boat…


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