Today begins National Novel Writing Month. More information is available here

NaNoWriMo began in 1999. 2010 is the first year I heard of it, but didn’t know much anything about it. The goal for participants (called Wrimos) is to write 50,000 words between November 1-30. 

The facilitator of my local writing group broached the subject during our September meeting, and I’ve been praying and kicking around the idea since then. It’s a pretty big commitment–a granddaughter has a birthday, Thanksgiving, and our anniversary all fall in November. And I didn’t even mention the biggest shopping day of the year! I ran it by hubby to get his thoughts. And…

I signed up!



39 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

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    1. No, it means working on a novel. I’ve always said, “I don’t have a book in me.” But I’ve felt drawn to do this, and working in the garden the other day, a title popped into my head. For me, it’s an exercise in discipline, and allowing myself to write “ugly,” not constantly editing. With keeping a journal and a blog, I tend to write and edit, write and edit…


  3. 50,000 is considered a novel, under that it is called a novella. I appreciate the cheering section that has gathered. I’ll order matching uniforms and pom poms for all! 🙂


  4. Good luck with this, Patti. I’ve thought about doing it, but decided I just can’t make the committment right now…work, at this time of year, is pretty demanding. But I’ll be looking forward to hearing how well you’re doing!!


  5. Good luck Patti! And thank you for visiting my blog today too.

    I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling that those first 2000 words might be the easiest ones in all of this project…next week’s writing might not flow as easy somehow!! I’m sure you’ll get there through November, even with the commitments you have got on the calendar. I look forward to seeing how you are getting on 🙂


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  8. Good news, Patti – I have your opening paragraph right here:

    First came the birds, then the flies, then the rats. Next were crickets, cicadas, and June bugs. Thirdly, wave after wave of jellyfish beached themselves in an attempt to devour us. Then came butterflies and moths by the thousands. After that were dogs, bears, and muntjaks. Would you believe there were dung beetles and bedbugs, as well? Yes, and cats, rabbits, and unicorns. No one believed unicorns existed before this, but they did. And let me tell you about the influx of chupacabras, jackalopes, and Loch Ness monsters. They were all there. In fact, settle in, because it’s going to take about five whole pages to tell you about all the animals that attacked and took over the world that fateful day in June.

    (Where you take it after that is up to you. -Jen)


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  11. You go girl!

    I looked up the answer to your question, I don’t know many names of mushrooms yet and may not remember any latin names for very long, but I tend to remember the common names that relate to the look of the shroom like this on ~ Yellow Brain Fungus (Tremella mesenterica) 🙂


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  14. I’ve been reading a lot about this from bloggers. Good for you for making the commitment, and good luck!

    Don’t worry about Thanksgiving. I’m sure your family would much rather read your writing on that day, instead of eating golden turkey, crisp from the oven, savory stuffing, pumpkin pie redolent of fall spices…


    1. Oh, yeah, right. The family would be on their way to your house, posthaste. I hope you didn’t mind that I gave them your address…I got it from a pop-up ad. lol
      Thanks cheering me on in my writing endeavor.


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