Lovely Landscaping


A geranium presently provides the only color in my garden.

I was delighted to find the following flowers and grasses thriving at our vacation destination. 

I should have placed something next to this to give a better idea of how large these lantana blossoms are.

So colorful!

Coleus; one shopping area had a variety of coleus all in a row. They made for a striking display of color. I think I need to go back for a picture of those. 😉

We need to add some grasses to our garden. We saw some lovely ones.

These were found in various locations along the way, so bright and cheerful. Don't they add sunshine to the day?

Thanks for stopping to look at the lovely and luscious landscaping we found on or travels. 



24 thoughts on “Lovely Landscaping

    • Yes, Maxi, me too! I my have to do some planning this winter. 🙂 But those lovely coleus are annuals here. I had one in a pot in the past that I could bring indoors, but no longer have it. They are so colorful.


  1. i do love the ‘ham and eggs’ lantana. even ours suffered thru this dreadful heat and drought (with daily waterings from me) and have bloomed in the past couple of weeks. 🙂 like little spots of hope!


  2. Love your photos, Patti. Such gorgeous colours. I grieve the fact that I don’t have a lot of flowers in my garden. Seeing your pictures reminds me that I need to do something about it next year.


    • Thanks, Laura. Yes, we both need to do something about it, and I think it includes moving further south! 😉 Now that we have a bare corner, I’m looking forward to some garden planning this winter. We have a vitex (its blossoms resemble a giant butterfly bush) scheduled to be planted back there this week. The weather kept them from getting it done last week.


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    • Winter comes early to you, Coleen. I carried your package to South Carolina and back–wanting to enclose postcards for Veronica of the states we visited. Can you believe I haven’t found one for Virginia Beach?! I had hoped to get the package mailed while we were on vacation. Sorry it’s taking so long.


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