The Sun Sets on Our Vacation

The sun has set for the final time on our vacation, will be heading home soon. 


18 thoughts on “The Sun Sets on Our Vacation

  1. Pretty sunset. Hope you had fun!

    The ending of a vacation is always bittersweet for me (I’m often ready to be back in my own bed, but not necessarily ready for work and the normal daily life that goes with it.)


    • Thanks, Janna. We did have a good time. The weather was improving, so I would like to have stayed another week! lol We’re milking our last day, dinner at Red Lobster and now watching a movie , “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” It was filmed in Savannah, so we’re enjoying the sights we saw all over again.


    • Thanks, E.C. Tomorrow, it is ‘back to the real world.’ But I have lots of pictures and ephemera that I look forward to scrapbooking/journaling while it is fresh in memory.


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