View From the Top

View from the side:

Do you think I could get one of our spiders to spin one of these for me?


View from the top:
(of the hammock, that is)

Wish You Were Here!


12 thoughts on “View From the Top

  1. How clever! I thought you were going to post a picture from the top of a skyscraper. But this looks much more relaxing.
    Now, if we could get spiders to spin these, I may not dislike them so much!


  2. If you figure out how to get a spider to spin you one, send the spider my way — just so long as it understands that it has to move on as soon as it is complete! No, on second thought, never mind — not even a hammock is worth more spiders around here!


    • I didn’t get to stay in the hammock long enough…not much R&R…We went to Savannah today, and since our island tour here was cancelled, we may go back there tomorrow. I hope my body catches up! This is the perfect place to write–but I haven’t had the opportunity.


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