North American Sandsculpting Championship 2011–Part One

Sunday we drove to the oceanfront to see the sand sculptures that are part of the annual Virginia Beach Neptune Festival. The artists were sheltered this year, as is their work, under these canopies. 

Art intro featuring some of the sponsors

This is one of those “bucket list” activities that we’ve never attended. I guess we can check this one off the list, finally. The sand is brought in for the event. There is a bit of clay mixed into the sand, allowing for the sculpting capability. I always wondered how they did that! 

Left-side detail

I took a lot of pictures, and will be sharing some of my favorites with you over the next several days. 

Detail of Tears of Joy

I hadn’t quite grasped (no pun intended) the larger hands that were holding this family, until I saw the back of it.

Detail of back

The show wouldn’t be complete without a sand castle, now would it?