Socks GONE!

This week, I’ve been blessed with the Versatile Blogger Award, TWICE. 

Thanks to Georgette, and Drusilla.

I received this award early on in my blogging “career,” but at the time hadn’t figured out how to add it to my blog page. Now that it has been brought to my attention again, I remedied that situation. See? New tricks CAN be taught to old bloggers. 

I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself, and pass on the award. 

Today I will tell you the seven things, and after some research, I’ll announce some new Versatile Bloggers next week. 

1. I don’t have time to do the research in time for this post, as it is 2:30 in the morning, and tomorrow I’ll be packing to spoil grandchildren visit family. 

2. I had a lunch date with my hubby THREE times this week! 

3. Of my 150 minutes of recommended cardio this week, I have accomplished FIVE. Not good. I’d better chase those grandchildren A LOT. Or maybe I should just WALK to their house. Let’s see, 160 miles…I don’t think I’ll be home in time to blog next week.

4. Did you know that some caterpillars go through winter in their chrysalis and emerge in the spring?

5. I enjoy the writing of Ruth Bell Graham. Currently, I am reading a book of devotions by her, “Letters from Ruth’s Attic.” “Footprints of a Pilgrim” is another favorite.

6. I’ve kept a journal for years, but now that I blog, not much gets written in the journal.

7. I need to go buy new socks–and YOU need to have a great weekend! Hope to see you Monday. 🙂 

24 thoughts on “Socks GONE!

  1. Congrats on your award. A lovely vibrant page :). 150 minutes of cardio a week??? That’s impossible, surely. I could never do that!


  2. Congrats, and glad you now have the Versatile Blogger logo on your page! Love your seven tidbits of info.
    I’ve also kept a mini-journal for years – just writing in a few lines each day about the day’s happenings.
    There’s a computer program diary that I use – it’s called idailydiary. IT has a search feature, which is great! You can keep up to 3 or 4 diaries in it, so I have one that I use strictly for my blog titles. That way I can search back to see when I posted a particular entry. It’s wonderul!
    Enjoy your time with your grandchildren!


    1. Thanks, Dianna. That’s a good idea, a way to keep track of blog titles. I thought it would be easier to find older posts through a WP search than it is. And the more there are, the harder it will be. I appreciate the information.


  3. Congrats on the award!! You rock!! And the tidbits of info about yourself were very interesting…go get those new socks, girl!! Funny, socks are the only item of clothing that I have plenty of…need just about everything else! Hmm…could it be because socks are the only thing you don’t need to buy whenever you lose (or gain) weight?


    1. Thanks, Patti. I hadn’t thought of that, but socks do tend to stay with us through thick and thin! Except for the ones that escape now and then in the laundry process, that is.


    1. It’s 30 mins most days of the week. It’s more beneficial exercise for the heart if one works in the target heart range for a certain amount of time. And I need the calorie burn/weight loss.


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