Friendship, Old and New

The “other” woman–we call her Jane–the one who sits on the dash and bosses us around when venturing into unfamiliar territory, has become my faithful companion the last couple of days. Friendship may be a possibility, after all.

Funeral services were held out-of-town Tuesday evening for the mother of our son-in-law. Hubby worked half of the day, then we hit the road. Bonus: Our destination wasn’t far from where my brother lives, so we got to spend some time visiting with him, his wife and son. 

The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee were in the area, and made his presence known from time to time with heavy downpours. I’m glad Jane knew where she was going, as it was hard for me to see at times. 

Our daughter’s family accepted a gracious invitation to spend the night at the home of a friend from elementary school. That made four adults, and ten offspring under the age of sixteen beneath one roof. Now THAT is hospitality at its finest.

Today, I had a massage scheduled, and shortly afterward, I got a call from my daughter telling me they just drove past our house. We arranged to meet for lunch, then came back home for the afternoon. I had my grandchildren ALL TO MYSELF!

Daughter’s friend issued an invitation for dinner, though she confessed to an ulterior motive to spend more time with them. I was invited, too; so Jane and I set off for parts unknown, traversing highways and byways I’ve never seen before. Apparently, Jane gets around, because she knew right where they live. I wonder what she’s NOT telling me. Hmmm.

Following dinner and a trip to a frozen yogurt shop, we climbed into our vehicles and returned to our respective homes. It was a rough couple of days in some ways, but also a time of tremendous blessing in others.  I raise my glass of water in a toast–to old friends, and new.   


12 thoughts on “Friendship, Old and New

  1. I’m sorry for the losses you’ve suffered in the past week or so. But it sounds like you were able to find some pleasant times as well. And thank goodness for Jane…with all she knows, it does make you wonder, doesn’t it?


  2. So sorry for your son-in-law’s loss. How very nice of that elementary school friend to offer to help them with a place to stay.
    A funeral brought us together with friends on Labor Day. Many people came in from out of town and that day seemed to be the best time to meet. Folks coming in from Austin were re-routed due to the TX fires…very thankful to Jane…There’s a lot of re-routing, dodging fires going on here this week.


    1. Thank you, Georgette. I saw the news on the fires there this week, my heart and prayers go out to those suffering so. Yes, Jane rerouted us away from traffic congestion where several lanes are narrowed to two at a drawbridge, teaching us a new route in the process. We’re starting to pay more attention to her.


    1. I admit, I didn’t have a very high opinion of her early on. When I wasn’t able to make a road trip with hubby to visit his parents, I knew he had HER to keep him company, so the “other woman” persona came to be.


  3. Funerals are that way. They speak of death, but they also speak of ongoing and glorious life. They are a forced family reunion of sorts, and everyone is at their best wanting to enjoy each other to the fullest. I’m glad you’ve given Jane another chance. My GPS is named Mora Miles. 🙂


  4. Grieving is a common emotion that we can easily share without even speaking words. I’m glad friendships provided comfort.

    “Jack” is our guide. For fun, I might change it to the Australian voice before our next trip to see hubby’s reaction 🙂


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