Norfolk Eaglet Update

After reading this post today by Jeanne, it reminded me that I hadn’t checked on the eaglets that were taken from their nest in the  botanical garden after the mother was killed by an airplane strike. Here is a link to my original post. Below is the link to the webcam at the rehabilitation center. I had to keep checking back to see activity, apparently they are roosting above the cam area. They expect to release them into the wild in August.

6 thoughts on “Norfolk Eaglet Update

  1. I remember, when I was a kid, they began trying to reintroduce bald eagles to the lake areas in southern Indiana…it’s so interesting to watch them. I’m happy to report that the bald eagle has made a come back here and you’re able to see them occasionally…very cool!


  2. i’m always happy to find people like u who r designed to care but also to attend to important things like this. i breath a sigh of relief even though i know i can trust that God has his eyes on these eagles. still, because i am not so good at attending to them, remembering them and all the others in my in-between moments, when i do, there is that reflex to worry. keep on patti


    1. Thanks, Dr. Sana. You are attending to what you were created to do. 🙂 Each of us has a role to play, a portion to do. Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice to help others.


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