Scattered Showers–So What?

Once again, the forecast for our area includes the term, “scattered showers.” The best way to summarize this is, “if I don’t water the garden, it won’t rain, and if I do water, then it will.”  I spent some time this morning watering our new plants, and watched dark clouds move in as I finished. It wasn’t long before the clouds released a nice downpour, but that’s ok. I only watered lightly, enough to keep them from wilting for another day, but hoped the act of actually traipsing around the yard with the hose would trigger precipitation. 😉

Normally, I would be a bit peeved at this forecast. I guess I don’t like uncertainty. Should I run errands, or not; take the umbrella, or not; wear the raincoat, or not; sandals, or closed shoes?

Today, that seems so trivial.

Seeing the devastation wrought by tornadoes on our nation recently, I am thankful “tornado watch or warning” is NOT included in our forecast. I’m thankful for early warning systems that are in place for areas well trafficked by them, and for technological advancements available to meteorologists to “see” what’s coming. I’m thankful for the sheltered areas, built as a precaution. And I’m thankful to be part of a great nation of people who give so much in monetary and physical ways to reach out to those who are/were unfortunate to be in the path of a deadly storm.

God, bless America. Amen.

10 thoughts on “Scattered Showers–So What?

  1. I am thankful, too, for not having been in the path of any of those severe storms. There is so much to be grateful for in our world today. It’s heartbreaking to watch the news of so many suffering. Last night we had storm warnings and a tornado watch. There have been years that I gave only passing thoughts to such warnings. Not this year. Blessings to you, Patti…


    1. That’s so true, the news informs us of suffering all around the world, and there is much of it. We came home from our walk to find a severe t-storm w/hail is imminent…and we checked before we went, no rain was expected here. It can change so quickly. Glad we were walking at a fast pace! Blessings and safe-keeping are my prayer for you.


  2. That’s been happening to me, too. I water my flowers, it rains. I don’t water, it doesn’t rain. Ugh! In weather, as in life, it seems that we complain about the extremes..too much, not enough…forever seeking the balance.


  3. I know, right?! I follow Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa and they never fail to bring me joy as they talk about the good things going on where neighbor is helping neighbor. They even sent a truck to Joplin, because they knew there’d be a need.
    It is so frightening to think of the instantaneous devastation. . .


    1. So true, Trece. To look around and see nothing left, not even trees, just stripped reminders of what once was…has to be devastating. We had a severe t-storm this afternoon, hail, 60-70 mph winds. That was enough damage for me, I can’t imagine to look out and find nothing recognizable. My heart goes out to them.


  4. Read this with interest today, May 24…sorry I’m late. Tornadoes were on my mind…again… yesterday and this morning. One struck Joplin, Missouri and I wanted to hear news about a high school friend with whom I have reconnected via fb. By late yesterday morning she reported she was fine…prayers answered. Last night she was exhausted with the relief efforts. …in our global, fb and blogging world…something like a tornado does strike our “neighborhood” despite the 600 mile distance between us.
    And then today is daughter #1′s birthday…Balance?


  5. Yes, Georgette, it is “our” neighborhood now with tv and the like, linking us to all parts of the world. I’m glad to hear your friend is ok. Thank you for stopping by, and taking the time to chat. Happy belated birthday to your daughter!


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