Botanical Garden’s Female Eagle Hit by Airplane

I was visiting family at the hospital this afternoon, and came home to find this news headline in my email.

I wrote a post earlier this year, and linked to the webcam where we’ve been keeping an eye on the eagle nest at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

This day calls for hot soup in a bread bowl from Panera for dinner!

18 thoughts on “Botanical Garden’s Female Eagle Hit by Airplane

    1. I haven’t read anything in regard to taking care of the young. The adult male still brings food, but don’t know if he can keep three fed as they grow. I’m sure they’ll come up with a way to care for them. I had that same gut feeling, and like your soup suggestion. 🙂


    1. The eleven o’clock news showed the male coming to feed the young. He had been circling the nest area, like he was waiting for her to return. This pair had been together for years. A couple years ago a young female drove the older female off the nest, but the young one eventually left and the older one returned. A lot of people are keeping an eye on the eaglets, and have options for their care if need be. Condolence emails have been received from all over the world, as so many have shared the webcam videos. Blessings to you, Carol.


        1. When my mother died with cancer, her cat died a few months later. He quit eating. My brother tried everything to get him to eat again, but without her there, he mourned himself to death. So sad. Blessings…


          1. That is sad, Carol. I guess they become as attached to us as we are to them. Sorry to hear how you lost your mother, that is so hard to bear. Blessings to you.


          2. Wow, that was so young, for both of you. I remember feeling cheated, as I came along late in her life, and my brothers had her 20 yrs. longer than I. The emotions we experience are inexplicable sometimes. I still miss mine, too.


  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard this. Now I’m trying to remember which friend of mine said that she was so obsessed with watching this web-cam that she didn’t know what she’d do if something happened to one of the babies. This is tragic.


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  3. Oh, Patti… : (
    Truly sad. Anyone who appreciates wildlife and is a lover of all of God’s creation can’t help but be touched by this…


    1. Our online newspaper has a comment section following the articles. I am amazed at how hard-hearted some people are in the comments they leave–not just on this story–and that is even more saddening.


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