I Used To Be Someone Else

Inspiration Monday VIII prompt:
Come and play along!


I used to be a little girl
With blond curls
Living in a care-free world.

Then I became a teen
Gullible and green
Beauty unseen.

Twenties brought something more,
Husband, daughter, retriever, Lord
Safe and secure.

Thirties, decade of loss
Bearing the cross
Silver from dross.

Forties were a torrent
Time spent
Not sure where it went.

The fifties arrived
Still alive
Beginning to thrive.

35 thoughts on “I Used To Be Someone Else

  1. I like this! My birthday is next week so I’ve been reflecting along the same things, how the person I used to be years ago is different than the person I am now. Thanks for posting.


  2. I like the idea of glimpses of your life by decades. This is nice. We can see which were the harder years. There is lots unwritten, too, and we can see that. My favorite is the 50’s …”Beginning to thrive…”
    Great piece! Thank you.


    1. Thanks, Mike! I attended a poetry workshop recently, took the fear away. My style is rather loose, there are so many variations on what is deemed poetry. Surely there’s a style for you!


  3. Awesome, Patti! I think sometimes we dread the aging process, but in many ways, it’s so liberating, too! Prayerfully, we learn and grow from mistakes past, and we have a deeper maturity in the Lord, as well.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, a lot of life’s struggles are out of the way by the time the 40s come around. When reviewing the decades, they were nice to visit, but I don’t think I’d ever want to go back. Once is enough, sometimes, more than enough!


  4. Like Mike, I’ve never attempted poetry. Scares me too.
    Well done. Parts of this are easy to relate to, and I like that. The human experience. We are all so similar, why do we sometimes have such a hard time getting along?


    1. Thank you, Sonia. So glad you stopped by. Life is amazing, how the seasons come and go, proving that “this too shall pass” is a valid statement.


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