Someone Who Crossed My Path

This is one of the KPC writers group prompts from 2010. And here is my take on it, nonfiction:

Someone Who Crossed My Path

I’ve seen the invisible woman. Recently, I spent a few days at my daughter’s house. My husband phoned as I was traveling home, to alert me to an abandoned car in our driveway. It arrived under cover of darkness. The police had come, checked the glove box for registration, and identified the missing person as a 28-year-old female. There was a speeding ticket, and he mentioned a previous record of driving while intoxicated.

As I pondered these things on the drive home, I thought I recognized this young woman. She is someone’s daughter, just a bit younger than my own. The clothing and other items found in the car made it appear as if it serves as temporary housing, a place to go between jobs, a place to stay when she can’t find her way home. She’s lost, and invisible to those going busily about their daily lives. Or thinks she is. She’s searching, seeking, groping in the darkness; hoping that there IS hope. Yes, I’ve seen the invisible woman, through my Father’s eyes; and weep for her. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


10 thoughts on “Someone Who Crossed My Path

  1. WOW, that was good! And it made me cry, for I can emphasize oh so clearly…

    For I have been “invisible” for most of my life.

    Not said in search of pity, but as fact.

    You are very good, at both writing and crafting.

    Heaven bless, Patti.



  2. “Suffering children are safe in [His] arms, there is none like [Him]. . .”
    I’ve been crying out to Him in tears and song all morning. Is it the Spirit, or the days before Easter, or what?
    Love u,


    • I love that song. It is the season to be reminded, and sometimes overwhelmed by His sacrifice for us. I see you, safe in His arms, Trece. Those are precious times when we draw near to Him, and come away knowing that we’ve spent quality time with Him. We are never the same afterward, always, changing, growing. I look forward to the testimony that is being written on your heart at this time. Love you, too.


  3. Wow – interesting post.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, fellow Virginian and rubber stamper! Hope you’ll visit often. I plan to read more of your posts soon.


    • Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you will come back, too. I imagine you have a lot of catching up to do after being Freshly Pressed. I think “Pressed” is probably a good name for that experience! I look forward to getting to know you.


  4. It does prick my heart, Patti, to think about the “lost ones”, the forgotten souls who wander around aimlessly searching for misguided truths. Your post makes me want to examine MY heart and search how I can be a much-needed light to them.


    • That’s a great idea, Cynthia. You inspired me to start looking for a “lost treasure” every time I go for groceries, shopping, book store, craft store…I know they’re out there, and probably not the ones who catch our eye…or maybe they ARE the ones who catch our eye, come to think of it.


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