Inspiration Monday VII

Here is my entry for Inspiration Monday VII:

My knight in shining armor has finally come for me! Wouldn’t you know it’s at the worst possible moment? My body is badly bloated, hair a tangled mess. I had almost given up hope. Poor substitutions moved in and out of my life, never quite meeting my expectations. I suppose it is unfair to expect perfection in the ordinary. The last one thought he was perfect, and was furious that I didn’t see him that way. He couldn’t understand my failings and shortcomings–how I could not see him for what he was, the trophy male. He was toxic, hellbent on my destruction. He offered me a drink, and that was the last thing I remember; until I woke up here, cold, with the weird sound of water in my ears, and heaviness, so heavy. I can’t move! What is this bed of muck that surrounds me? Oh, I need to get out of here. I need to go home. A long, hot shower is definitely in order. What is that? There! There is a light…above me, drawing nearer, becoming brighter…my knight, my Prince, has come. He’s come to take me home.  

I decided to try combining two of the challenge topics, “at the worst possible moment” and “we met at the bottom of the river.”