Inspiration Monday VI

This is my first writing challenge, in response to Inspiration Monday VI: The topic I chose was future-proof.

Grandmother’s house was future-proof. It was stuck in the 50s and not apt to change. Back when the phone had it’s own little table and attached chair. It was a rather modern phone at the time, pink, with a rotary dial, and it held court in the foyer, greeting guests as they arrived.

The doorway to the left led to the sitting/living room. The piano resided in this room. (It seemed everyone had a piano; or was ours just a musical family)?  Anchoring the center of the room was the coffee table, with a tatted doily on display beneath glass. It always held a clear glass jar of colorful hard tack candy. And there was never a speck of dust to be found anywhere.

The doorway on the far side of the room led to a bedroom, which led to the kitchen, which led to another bedroom—a circle of rooms, returning to the foyer. A tiny bathroom off the first bedroom boasted the only interior door in the house. Well, aside from the basement door, that is. Basements were dark, dreary, musty-smelling places, with creepy creaky stairs. Of course there would be a door, with a really good lock to keep all that dwelt down there, DOWN there!

White porcelain fixtures, linoleum, chrome-legged table and chairs were the norm. Long sheers draped the windows, except for the kitchen, clad in gingham.

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