Bordering on Bookishness

I’ve received several email notices from Borders citing updates on the status of the store in our area that is closing, and the current discounts available. Previously, priorities popped up, preventing my passage to procure paperbacks and publications. But not today!

As you can see, the question to ask when I’ve been near a bookstore is not “DID you make a purchase,” but rather, “WHAT did you purchase?” I think this trait runs in my family…

Oh, and there was one more:

My thinking was, if my dear hubby sees that I MIGHT be inspired to cook once in awhile, he won’t mind that the other three books followed me home.

Do you like bookstores? What was the last book you purchased/borrowed from the library/read? How do you feel about eReaders, like Kindle, Nook, etc?



17 thoughts on “Bordering on Bookishness

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  2. New books are like the first time you have a crush on someone. The feeling is great but you know it will not last forever.


  3. There’s a Borders near me closing, but I’ve stayed away. Love it that you got Journal Spilling – hope it is wonderful. I’m signing up for 21 Secrets, and I pre-ordered the Little Prince Moleskines. Plus I didn’t get those pencils yet. Probably should stop spending, eh?


    1. Trece, you have such self-control when it comes to books! Not familiar with “21 Secrets,” will have to see what that is all about. I’m pretty sure you’ll like the pencils when you get your hands on them. :o)


  4. I get lost in a book store, and my daughter, who followed me through many of them while growing up, has become a book enthusiast, also. When the two of us enter a book store, hours easily pass before either of us emerges from among the shelves. Now when we go, there are three generations browsing, as my grandchildren have joined the parade. Both girls are avid readers. I don’t understand why reading doesn’t rub off on the boys. I wish it would.

    The last book I read was written by Jody Hedlund and was entitled “The Preacher’s Bride”. It was a very touching historical romance, a page turner. My favorite genre is mystery, but I’ve lately been broadening my interests. Blessings to you, Patti…


    1. I don’t know when I found bookstores. My parents never went to one, or the library, for that matter. As a student, we had the school library, but most of what I read was required reading. An aunt passed along books my cousin had read. It must have been after I moved away to a large city, and Barnes & Noble came to town that I found what I’d been missing. My daughter’s family could start their own library!


      1. My daughter has lots of books, too. I have a few because mostly I get them from the library and return them. Since I’ve been blogging, I am building up more of a collection. Orlando’s library had lots of books that interested me, but I’m not finding the same kind of books here in Dallas.


        1. I like the library! But some books need to be owned. 🙂 Interesting, I assumed all libraries carried basically the same books. Still learning something new every day!


  5. Hi Patti,
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BOOKS!!!! I think you chose just about every one I would have!!

    I love bookstores of any kind. The last few years my husband and I have made it a point to go to several major library book sales that are held twice a year. (Ithaca, Corning, and Elmira, NY) We come home with armloads, bagloads, trunkloads of wonderful book treasures! Some are disappointing, some are really wonderful finds.

    e-books — mmmm, I don’t think they’re for me (yet). Somehow I love the feel of the printed page, the binding in my hand, the smell of a new book and for that matter, the smell of an old book! There’s so much technology in the world… leave my books as is!

    BTW, I love your blog. Amazing to see how many interests you and I have in common. A small world in lots of ways. Best wishes! and may I borrow a couple of those books……. ??


    1. Love it! My daughter’s local library has a couple book sales per year, and I try to get there for one of them. It usually takes me a year to get through them all, anyway! The nice thing about that is if you get a disappointing book, you haven’t paid much for it. I feel the same way regarding e-books; but today I did consider getting a couple of craft magazines digitally. (because I feel like I’m so far behind on reading). Imagine that. With those, I could quickly choose the projects I’m interested in. We’ll see… I’d probably buy more books if I had the space for them. 🙂


  6. Books are wonderful, an escape from reality when you need one, a teaching tool, and just plain fun and relaxing.
    I have at least one book in my car at all times. I didn’t think I would like a Kindle, but got the app for my iPhone and have now read two books on it. It’s handy that you have it with you all the time, but I still love the feel of a real book in my hands, with the smell of paper and ink with each page I turn, and older books that have that wonderful musty smell… Oh my!!
    Since we didnt have a tv growing up I had nothing else to do but read, I am so thankful for that!! I still don’t watch tv!!
    Buying a book is never a waste of money, there is to much to be gained from it!!

    Love ya


    1. I agree, there’s nothing like a “real book” experience. And I can see where electronic media has a place, for convenience. But you sure don’t want to drop THAT in the tub. 🙂 How many times I’ve heard hubby say, “All those channels, and nothing worth watching.” With a book, you take your commercial break when you need to. lol I’ve downloaded some audio books, but need a “traveling companion” to put them on when out walking. (Which was on my Christmas list until the studio flooded & I got shelving instead). I thought they’d be nice to listen to when sewing, but my brain concentrates on one or the other, not both at the same time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Love you, too!


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