Creating My Own Little Happy World or Patti in Wonderland

Since we are experiencing winter once AGAIN in real life, I’ve decided to create my own little happy space where it is spring/summer all the time. Come on in! Or should I say, “out.” If it’s sunny and warm, we won’ t want to stay inside.  Oh, don’t worry about those pollen allergies either, this is an allergen-free zone.

Oh, look, even the azaleas are in bloom here! And they will bloom the entire year, because it just wouldn’t be right, otherwise.

Here’s the high mallow, so we’ll have lots of colorful butterflies, too.

We have water to play in and splash around on those really hot days,

though the community pool does tend to get a little crowded. Oh, that’s right, this a perfect world, we’ll have it all to ourselves!

Over here we have an assortment of wildlife to entertain us.

And it wouldn’t be a perfect world without a sweet bunny.

I’m glad you came to visit my private paradise. Come back soon, y’ hear?