The Apple Tree and Me

I stumbled onto the BEST writing exercise recently! You have got to try this, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, or you thought English class was a method of torture. This will only take a few minutes, unless you find yourself savoring these forgotten moments and choose to linger. Get your pen, pencil, paper, or keyboard, sit up straight (sorry, I HAD to say that), and get ready to take a little trip.

Think of a childhood memory, and start writing about it. You will be amazed at the details that come to mind, and where your thoughts take you.

Fully aware that you may be bored to tears, I decided to share a bit of my journey with you, anyway. If your screen becomes blurred, you are excused to go write your memory; but be sure to come back and leave a comment and tell me what came to mind, or what you thought of the exercise. Please be kind. 🙂

I began my visit to the past, sitting in an apple tree with a Nancy Drew mystery. It was summer vacation, and I was enveloped by the warmth of the season on a lazy afternoon. Sometimes I’d pluck a red, ripe tomato from the garden as I trod the path that led up the hill  to the apple tree. I could almost taste it as the words spilled onto the page. Then there was the time Dad found a huge conical hornet’s nest at the end of my reading branch, and he wondered why I’d never been stung.

Like a trip in a time machine, my thoughts were transported a few years down the road, to the last time I’d seen the property after my parents passed and the land was sold. Many changes had taken place. Their property had been surrounded by woods, the terminus of a dead-end street at the time of my apple-tree adventures. Then a neighborhood was built in the middle of a pasture field, and where the trees once stood. The last time I saw it, the outbuildings and chicken coops had been razed, the hill had been leveled and someone built a home there.  It would never be the same, and I’d never returned…until just the other day.