Star-of-the-Yard-Sale Quilt

Can you believe my daughter found this quilt at a yard sale, and better yet, paid all of three dollars for it? It’s approximately 52″ x 80,” and  hangs in my dining room. Sorry you can’t see the entire quilt, there are too many things blocking the view, and I gave up moving furniture a long time ago. I found it hard to believe that someone would part with an item that obviously required innumerable hours to cut out all those oddly-shaped pieces, and sew them into what appears to me to be a very difficult pattern.

My daughter repaired a few frayed areas, and surprised me with it the following Christmas, as I was smitten at first sight of it. I would like the quilter of this piece to know that it now has a home where it is fully appreciated as a work of art. It warms my heart to see it every day.