Monday Randomness

Monday Randomness

1. The world looks a little brighter this morning. Still very cloudy, but brighter. A squirrel ventured from its safe place in search of food. It should find lots on the ground. Thursday I shared the fallen tree limbs; Friday I arrived home to find this:


This was our original feeder pole, hubby staked it when it started to lean. It eventually rusted at ground level and Friday it came down with the wind. 

2. Saturday he determined the parts needed and off we went to Wild Birds Unlimited to procure them. That afternoon he set the new pole. We had plans to move it closer to the kitchen window, and now it is. Good things come in unexpected ways.

3. His sister called to tell us a large, old tree fell at their dad’s house. Thankfully, not on the house. 

4. Sunday night I scrolled through viewers photos of their areas on I hadn’t realized how much water covered such a vast area. My heart and prayers go out to all affected by the recent flooding. This storm was the driving force that sent Joaquin further east. 

5. I had three writing projects/deadlines last week, so once again, I apologize for not getting over to visit your blogs as much as I’d like. 

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Good Fences #80

Good Fences #80

This looks like a pretty good fence, but I doubt it can hold back that storm. This was taken at my daughter’s mid-September. 


All eyes are on hurricane Joaquin. We’ve gotten close to three inches of rain from another coastal storm, not the best scenario to be followed by more rain and high winds. 

I returned home today to find two good-sized branches had fallen from the oak–one on the shed, one on the ground.


The squirrels now have a diving board off the shed.


Everybody stay safe out there! 

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Wild Bird Wednesday #166

Wild Bird Wednesday

Apparently, I’ve been slacking off when it comes to photography. Like Mother Hubbard, I went to the photo cupboard and found the shelves bare. Here are two bird photos taken this week.

Male Northern Cardinal checking out the fennel.

Male Northern Cardinal checking out the fennel.

The House Finch appears to be in need of a wingman.

The House Finch appears to be in need of a wingman. I was unable to capture it yesterday, and didn’t see it today.

We’ve had rain so the grass is growing and going to seed. The House Sparrows don’t mind at all, they seem to enjoy it. I didn’t take a picture, though. The Northern Mockingbird returned to his guard post, defending the territory. I feel much safer now. 

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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I sat, pondering a post for Thursday. I haven’t been out for fence pictures, so there are no Good Fences to blog about. 

There is always something for which to be thankful, and tonight, it’s peripheral vision.

The slightest movement got my attention. I turned my head and caught a glimpse of a medium-sized spider as it slipped behind the blanket rack. I bypassed the camera and went straight for a disposable Dixie cup and a thin-but-sturdy piece of paper from the recycle bin. There was NO WAY I was going to squish a spider that size! With sleight of hand the cup covered all eight of those hairy legs, slipped the paper between the cup and the wall, and promptly showed the unwelcome visitor the front door. I may enter and exit via the back door tomorrow. 

What do you have to be thankful for today? Have any close encounters lately?