Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday

1. A recycling event takes place at Mount Trashmore Saturday. I should be helping hubby…

2. Today’s been a productive day–paperwork, card-making, a little weeding, feeder scrubbing, birdbath filling–I even vacuumed before going out to play. My back is doing much better!

3. I should have taken pictures–I potted dwarf marigolds and sedum. Will have to post those next week.

4. This week, someone purchased a winning lottery ticket about a block from our house–$3,000,000!

5. Our son-in-law was cleared by his doctor earlier this week to run a 50-mile race tomorrow (Saturday). He’d had a stress fracture in his leg. Go Charlie! 

Have a great weekend! Hubby says there’s a trip to Lowe’s and/or Home Depot in our future. Do you have plans?


Share Your World–2015 Week 15

Share Your World

Regarding your fridge, is it organized or a mess inside?
It’s fairly organized. 

Have you ever been a participant in a parade? What did you do?
If so, it wasn’t memorable. It seems like my Girl Scout troop might have been in one. That was a LONG time ago.

How do you stand out from the crowd?
I prefer to blend into the crowd. 

How many bones, if any, have you broken?
None. Hopefully they’ll stay that way.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful my back is recovering quickly after straining the SI joint last week; I look forward to taming the weeds which are growing wildly in my absence. I also look forward to doing all the other things I haven’t been able to do for a few days.

share-your-world2Click the “Share Your World” button to read what others have to say, or create your own post and link to Cee’s blog. Or you can leave your answers in the comment section below. I always enjoy reading your replies.


Willy Nilly Friday 5

Willy-Nilly Friday 5

1. I was saddened to read of Nancy’s data-overage problem and putting Random 5 Friday on hold. These are fun memes. Thanks, Tanya, for providing Willy Nilly Friday 5.

2. This is so good!










3. Went to the local garden center this week.






4. I’ve spent so much time learning about my Nikon camera that I’ve neglected the iPhone–I found all kinds of new things about its camera today.

5. My lower back has been doing so well, this morning I got careless. I was swapping winter clothes with spring items, bending awkwardly in the closet, and felt a “pop.” That negated several items on the list of things I wanted to do today. I’m thankful for my laptop computer stand!