Wild Bird Wednesday–More baby birds

This week I found a pair of young Mourning Doves nestled into the grass under the feeders.

P1090039 P1090041 P1090042

I thought it interesting how they face opposite directions. I’ve often seen this behavior in a flock on the ground, they form a circle, facing outward. It reminds me of the days of the wild west expansion when the covered wagons would be circled for the night. Not that I was there, mind you.

Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday, where everyone is welcome to link up and share their bird photos. Thanks, Stewart, for providing us a place to share and see birds we otherwise would not.


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16 responses to “Wild Bird Wednesday–More baby birds

  1. They are adorable. Great pictures.

  2. They are so cute! Great sighting and photos of the juvie Doves. Have a happy day!

  3. Interesting analogy to the circling the wagons!

  4. Very sweet. Mourning Doves are just the sweetest birds. Not the smartest, but the sweetest. We have baby Tanagers!

  5. We love our doves! What is more precious than nature babies?

  6. they’re so cute when they’re sort of mottled as youngsters. :)

  7. Adorable captures os these baby birds!

  8. Watching for the safety of all. Very interesting. Great photos. Blessings to you, Patti…

  9. Hope these cuties stay safe!

  10. Doves are such sweet birds. Surprisingly, none have built in my hanging baskets this year….yet.

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