Weekly Photo Challenge–Unique

It is rather unique to find snow in Virginia Beach.

It is rather unique to find snow in Virginia Beach.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is to show something unique.
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19 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge–Unique

  1. This would make a beautiful Holiday card. Virginia Beach having snow and us in the mid-south not having any is unique. Great choice for the challenge. :)

  2. He looks surprised as well

  3. Cute picture! I also took photos of our birdhouses with snow on the roofs!

  4. I think birdhouses make wonderful subjects for picture taking in the winter! Well, all year I guess.. :)

  5. glad you’re feeding those surprised birds. :)

  6. Why are you not working for a ornithological magazine?

  7. You raise a very good question, Al. I did look into a magazine at one point, but didn’t wish to give up the rights to my photos, and that’s as far as I got.

  8. That’s a lovely picture Patti.

  9. Love the birds, Patti. It’s just this kind of weather when it is important to feed them. Hope all is blessed in your world.
    Coleen in Ukraine

  10. At least they have someone like you who cares enough to put out some food. I love my wild birds too.

  11. Lovely snow picture. Looks like the bird is trying to keep warm (at least he’s fed :))

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