Kitchen Shelving Project

This is what displaced the buffet. I love walking into the kitchen and seeing it all nice and neat. No, I don’t have polka dot walls, just some painting to do before too long (hopefully). I have more Pfaltzgraff pieces to pull out of cabinets, so it’ll be a work in progress. 

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34 responses to “Kitchen Shelving Project

  1. Beautiful job well done. It radiates the warmth of a country kitchen. You have the magic touch, the creative knack. Blessings to you…

  2. I like the shelving. It looks like you’ve got more storage space than you did with the buffet.

  3. I love the baskets and books. It looks so neat and organized and right at your fingertips. Well done.

  4. Very nice, Patti!

  5. Lovely. Is this the piece you guys were originally looking at but didn’t think you could get it in the house or did you have to find another one?

    • No, we’d never get that other one in the house. It was very close to this size, but welded construction. This is two separate units. The other one had nice wood shelves, but this works, and $1000 less! (including the baskets)

  6. The shelves look fantastic, Patti. Bet everyone who enters the kitchen does the ooh and aah expression … like me.

    Blessings – Maxi

  7. Each shelf is so artfully arranged. Nice job. I have a decorator friend who has offered to “fix” my living room shelves. Yes, you have done a very nice job on these…

  8. Very nice!!! I love it!!! And it looks like it will be so functional and easy to get to stuff!!! Great job!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Love the shelves! Love the look!! I like the neatness of it and the fact that you can SEE everything you need. Good Morning Patti :)

  10. There’s nothing much more pleasant than to have a neat and tidy kitchen. I really like your shelves and decor. You’re doing an awesome job. :)

  11. looks neat and tidy. :)

  12. I love this, Patti…looks like we have the same decorating style…only wish I had room in my kitchen for something similar.

  13. Lovely. I love polka dots, so no hurry on the paint job :-)

  14. I love your baskets. But I’m WAY too messy to let it all hang out like that.

  15. Looks fabulous! I am sure it makes you happy everytime you see it.

  16. I really like it. I need to have things where I can see them. Hopefully by mid-summer, Sarah will help me reorganize and sort!!

  17. Nice!! Order is a wonderful thing, eh? Order helps keep my voices down to a whisper. :)

  18. This is very nice! Where did you find the shelves? ~ Lynda

  19. So nice and organized!
    Do yo do house-calls? :)

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