Six Word Friday–Surrender

Go ahead, give it up, that
Thing that holds you tightly bound.
The thing that steals your joy.
The oppression that would squash you.
Is it someone else’s bad or
Overbearing attitude? Is it your own?

Lack of trust? Heaviness of heart?
Wrongs you or others have done?
Surrender and lay aside every negative
Thought, feeling, emotion. Guilt or unbelief.
Shake free of those heavy bands.
Raise your arms high and praise.

372207_100001898596051_745299971_n.jpg (180×270)


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31 responses to “Six Word Friday–Surrender

  1. That illustration at the end of your post is terrific.

  2. What a wonderful poem! Blessings, Ellen

  3. Surrendering the negativity is so very uplifting. This resonates! Happy Friday.


    • Excellent! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. Hope you have a great weekend, Alita. That’s such a pretty name, I’ve not heard it before.

  4. Great poem. Goodness: comments are light in blogland today!

  5. Surrender, and let it all go!

  6. Go ahead, give it up, that
    Thing that holds you tightly bound.

    There’s the glitch. It’s holding me. I can get rid of it only if I’m holding it.

  7. Sound advice. I like the little guy tossing off his chain.

  8. Letting go…the ultimate way to happiness. Nice work.

  9. Excellent Writing. I love everything about this poem; the words, the thought and the picture you added also.
    “Surrender and lay aside every negative
    Thought, feeling, emotion. Guilt or unbelief.”- this part is my favorite. It’s so meaningful. Great job. :)

  10. Positive and uplifting prose, Patti. Peace must come from within; the day I realized that truth, it set me free.

    Blessings – Maxi

  11. Excellent Patti for surrender! It is the only way to be truly happy. WP is messing with my sign in name. I think I am being moderated!

  12. how we are enslaved to these things…

  13. Wise words. Sometimes this type of thing is the hardest to surrender, isn’t it?

  14. So very true!


  15. Excellent. Really excellent.

  16. So hard to do but so importantt!

  17. Wonderful words, balm to my hurting soul. Love you.

  18. Beautiful poem! Especially love the last line…reminds me of how I feel during the worship songs at church.

    (The fact I’m reading your Friday post on Sunday is probably not a good sign for how my week will begin :))

  19. you make it sound so easy… sure wish it would be

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